30 March 2013

Ideal Home Show

Today my lovely friend Alice and I visited the Ideal Home Show in London town, after I was lucky enough to win a pair of tickets in Lucy's giveaway.


- Met Alan Titchmarsh
Sort of...

- Pretended to be royalty

- Got lost in the World of Pleather 
There are no photos of our time in World of Pleather- it was too traumatic.

- Had a free Benefit "Make-upper" and got (some of) our nails painted

- Found an amazing cafe and had the nicest lunch
Served up in frying pans... the photo does it absolutely no justice. It was DELICIOUS. 

- Visited "Delboy's" flat
Where I managed to literally bump into David Jason, with my bag full of Easter eggs. Thankfully he wasn't cross, and even called called me sweetheart. Claim to fame, much? :p

- Admired some Underground cakes

- Saw a lot of Smeg fridges
And found out they are apparently the best place to keep books. By the way, Alice and I have already patented the fridge-library combo. It's called a fribrary. 

- Had the option to learn scything 
Obviously. I mean, we were at a home show. We opted to drink hot chocolate and look at scatter cushions instead. 

Thank you Lucy for the tickets- we had a lovely day out! 

Katie xxx


  1. It sounds like a lovely day and I love those cakes!

  2. WOooo, sounds totally fun!!!! Hurrah for you!x

  3. It's one of those things I've always wanted to do and yet never have. Looks like fun! x