9 March 2013

Capilli Mutatio

I am fully aware that most of you visit my blog to read my insightful and ground-breaking opinions and theories within the fields of politics, psychology, theology, and other matters of worldwide importance. Today's topic surpasses all of them in terms of controversy, sensitivity, and gravitas. I am, of course, talking about my hair. 

My hair. What the UN is really talking about.

I've always followed the rather enlightening philosophy with my hair that, well, it's only hair. I mean- human hair keeps growing forever; haircuts aren't the same as tattoos. Even if something seems like a good idea one minute and a rash decision the next, it's not permanent. Unlike this... Oops! 

Ok, technically this was just for Halloween. But it did take 3 days to wash out the green...

Some of my hairstyles have been, umm, interesting to say the least. But they made me smile, and I have no doubt made other people smile too. Who can resist the charm of a homage to Ziggy Stardust's mullet?!

And you thought I was kidding.

My hairstyle choices are mostly made on a whim, having woken up with the knowledge that my life is lacking is a trio of shooting stars shaved over my right ear, or a HUGE emo fringe to flip about in dingy rock bars. I've worked my way through the rainbow, from blonde...

  To black...

This cut is from when I did some hair modelling for Trevor Sorbie. I think they were trying to get me to channel Olive Oil

With a bit of blue in it (nothing says cutting-edge like hair that's the colour of a bruise)

To Ginger Spice, well, ginger....

I've even been boring brown

What do you mean "Had I been drinking"?!?

I'm once again feeling the need for a change, but for some unknown reason I'm feeling anxious about it this time. I'm leaving the length as it is for now, because it's taken me ruddy ages to grow it. Not that there's much effort involved in letting my hair grow; it tends to be able to do it's own thing without too much supervision. But still. I'm planning to return to my (bleached-blonde) roots; perhaps subconsciously trying to re-capture my youth (at the ripe old age of 24). I've even bought the dye (/bleach), but for some reason today the idea seems somehow scary. So, fellow People Of The Internet, I'm turning to you. What do you think I should do?!

My hair looks like this at the moment, but duller; because I haven't had it coloured since September.

I'm deliberating returning to bright blonde. What do you think?

Then again, I always thought this style suited me rather well...

Just kidding! My friend Dave did this to me on Yearbookyourself.com

Do you experiment with your hair? What's been your favourite style? Or the one you tried to burn all photographic evidence of? 

Please help! Otherwise I might have to resort to wearing a hat for the rest of my life. Perhaps this one

Katie xxx


  1. Do it!!! Bleach! Bleach! Bleach!

  2. Lol you have the same attitude to hair as me!I think mine stems from when my mum wouldn't let me cut it as a child.I generally just go to my friend hairdresser and say do what u want.This time,with child on the way,I asked for something that wouldn't take an hour to dry and looks good left to its own devices.He based it on apparently a girl's hair cut in utopia.Basically I mostly kept the length but lots and lots of layers so that lots of my hair was lost.I actually love it as it allows my naturally wavy locks to embrace the wave!xxx

  3. I think it looks lovely as it is! That's no help at all is it? It does get worrying when you want to dye hair that's taken years to grow. Maybe start with a medium blonde and go a bit lighter each time?

  4. I'm going to agree with Emma Kate! I really like it as it is! I am a complete (boring brown) haircut-recipient - I do not like experimentation (apart from when I dyed it bright red- I liked that!) in either cut or colour (oh and we used to use blue hair mascara as teens to add streaks- I'd forgotten that!) You looked pretty as Olive Oil too!x

  5. My natural hair colour is dark blonde/brownish. I bleached it about a year ago and since a couple of weeks I am a red-head. I still kind of want to have pink hair or blue or something, but afraid that I will mess it up and won't have enough money to fix it or do it properly (emergency hair dresser to the rescue haha). Anyway, I would just go for it! As you said, it is not like it is a tattoo ;)

  6. I quite like the blonde! I'm currently red thinking of going back to brunette...

  7. I have a similar 'it'll grow' attitude, and mine's been various lengths, with fringe and without, plus orange and black - but I've never gone blonde. It really suits you, I wish I thought it would suit me but sadly and boringly mine generally looks best its natural colour and longish, so I'm growing it.

  8. Loooved this post! Hair timeline =)
    I have a similar cavalier attitude to mine, but it's pretty much ALWAYS been red. Varying shades but always red.
    I like the blonde, I'm not normally a blonde fan but I do think it suits you =) xx

  9. I really like the blonde on you! I'm having hair issues recently... I'm still happy with the colour but I'm desperate for a new cut but like you I've been growing it forever! I'm at a loss at what to do.

  10. Hair is so tricky isn't it! Always hard to know what would be best. Perhaps you could get some layers in yours, so you can keep the overall length but have a play with some other lengths too? :)