7 March 2013

Awesomeness Abounds

Hello lovelies

Happy Friday-eve!

Several awesome things have happened to me so far this week (in addition to finishing my bookcase and being featured by DotComGiftShop), so I thought I'd share them with you :)

1. Seeing this 

This dad taking a stance against dim lighting at Hollister.

2. Drooling over these 
Raspberry & Apple Streusel Slices from the fantastically talented Jen over at Tartine and Apron Strings (my fourth Blog of the Week)

3. Apothecary Jars
I've treated myself to some BEAUTIFUL storage jars to adorn my new craft supplies storage unit. I've been lusting after glass apothecary jars ever since I saw them in Wickle (one of my all-time favourite shops), and when I found some on ebay for considerably cheaper than I'd seen elsewhere (not cheap, just cheaper) I decided it was time to bite the bullet and buy some. 

4. I've got a Golden Ticket!!
Actually, I have two- after winning a pair of tickets to the Ideal Home Show in the lovely Lucy's recent giveaway. Eeeeep! :) I'm taking my friend Alice (a fellow interiors enthusiast) for what I imagine will be a day of shrieking over beautiful kitchenware, taking photos of amazing armchairs, and trying to meet someone who works for Ideal Home so I can beg them to give me a job. Yippee! I will, of course, share photos on here after our visit, and let you know all the gossip if we bump into Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen adjusting his ridiculous ruffley sleeves. 

Hope you're all having a magical March :)

Katie xxx


  1. Ooooooooooooooh, sumptuous jars! They look so so preeeeeettty!!! How much were they? (Tempted too!!!)
    Glad you are happy and fab winning the giveaway!x

    1. They're all from this shop:


      And the lovely lady combined the p&p for the two for me :) xxx

  2. I love Apothecary Jars! I think they look so amazing. And have fun at the home show!

  3. Looooove those jars!!
    Please please post about the show I am very jealous indeed, congrats to you! =) xx

    1. I will make sure to give a full update :) Alice and I are deliberating dressing up as Lawrence L-B to see if we can sneak into any VIP areas :p xx

  4. Ahhhh those jars! They look so lovely filled with your spools and buttons! I nearly bought one last month that had a glass bird at the top (!!) but I couldn't justify the cost.... and I have no where to put it anyways :/ Maybe some day!

    1. I waited until I had a safe space to store them before I took the plunge and bought them; if they were to be broken I think I would cry far more than someone really should about an inanimate object.