12 February 2013

Three Things Tuesday

Hello lovelies!

Sorry for the recent lack of activity around here; I've been off on my 'olidays. To luverly Somerset, where Tom and I stayed with my even lovelier relatives for 6 days of wild adventures, brilliant conversation, and A LOT of excellent food. I'll be updating more about our westward jaunt later this week (and catching up with this week's BOTW), so in the meantime here are three things making me feel very special indeed:

1. Surprise Cards
I arrived home to find a surprise card from my favourite little person in the whole wide world (the recipient of the Peppa Pig Cake and the French Dinosaur). Have you ever seen anything more adorable?!

2. Plasters
All of last week's adventures were undertaken whilst clad in wellington boots because it rained 24/7. (We still had an excellent time though. IN YOUR FACE, RAIN!) It turns out that, whilst comfortable for a stroll to our local pub and back, my wellies are not as ergonomically designed as I had hoped.

So, I am very grateful to whomever it was who invented plasters (Earle Dickinson, according to Google), as today my feet look something like this:

3. Being Famous
Prepare yourself for a seriously exciting announcement: I have been officially immortalised by the fabulous Lyndsey Smith! Eep! 

After spotting Lyndsey's work a few years ago in my local gallery, I fell head-over-heels for her gorgeous watercolours depicting local landmarks and beautiful street scenes; including buildings from my very own town. I couldn't help purchasing a postcard of Bills restaurant, which has adorned our fridge ever since. A few months later, Lyndsey (quite coincidentally) started following my blog; and we started sending little comments back and forth. 

I recently confessed to Lyndsey that I'd developed a habit of checking her new paintings in case I could spot anyone who looked like me; so I could pretend I was all famous-like and immortalised in some proper art 'n' stuff. Then, lo and behold, guess who she painted into her latest picture of the flea market?! I *might* have done a little jig of joy... :)

Very aptly, Lyndsey painted me struggling home with a piece of furniture much too heavy for me to lift- typical of me and my impulsive flea market purchases! Haha. 

The Flea Market, Lewes
Lyndsey's gorgeous painting of the flea market.

Apparently this painting is now hung in our local gallery, so I'm hoping to pop in at the weekend and get a picture of me with the, well, picture of me. I think I might have to buy one too- it's not every day one gets to be an artists muse. And by muse, I mean, asks them cheekily to include you in their painting!

What's been making you smile this week? 

Katie xxx


  1. How utterly fabulous! I hope you're going to dress the part with a polka dot skirt, red shoes and bag! x

    1. Of course! I think it's the perfect excuse to buy a new polka dot dress! :) x

  2. Thank you Katie!! I thought I would dress you that way...inspired by another blog that you follow that you linked to recently. Now who was it... lovely photos and spotty dresses...?

  3. found it! http://www.foreveramber.co.uk/

    1. Amber's one well dressed lady, isn't she? :) I love how you dressed me- much classier than my usual old t-shirt and jeans! Thank you again :) xx

  4. That's pretty impressive! I love her work- it reminds me of the gorgeous Katie Morag books whose illustrations I pore over!
    I was painted playing viola in a string quartet once, when in France! I always remember having to do a double take to check whether it really was me or I was dreaming it!x

    1. That's amazingly cultured- do you have a photo anywhere? :) x

  5. Ooh get you being immortalised in a painting! That's pretty special :)

  6. Hello ... just found your blog. Look forward to reading about your jaunt to Somerset ... you may have been next door!

  7. That is absolutely wonderful! I really love her paintings!