7 February 2013

Blog Award Number 2

Ok, so this is technically the same award as my first blog award, but people are allowed to have two Oscars, right? Normally people who are in The Movies, I would imagine... Also, I want to answer the 11 questions, because they are fun. 

The lovely Emma Kate at Painted Style (who, by the way, is this week's Blog of the Week) has nominated me for a Leibster Award. You can read more about it here. I've whiled away a rainy afternoon answering Emma Kate's questions, but I'm not going to do the other parts because 1. I've done them all before (and can't think of another 11 interesting facts about myself- how boring I must be!) and 2. I'm a total rebel and don't play by the rules. I'm definitely the kind of person who'd feed a Gremlin after midnight.

1. Why did you start blogging?
I wanted to use my blog to record my completed craft projects; so whenever I felt useless or unproductive I'd have a place to go to remind myself that I DO make things, and they are good (normally *ahem*)

2. Who is your biggest celebrity crush?
I have had far too many celebrity crushes throughout my life. At the moment my biggest crush is probably Joe Manganiello, but Tom looks basically the same as him anyway, just without the necklace. Honest.

This is definitely not a gratuitous picture. Emma Kate ASKED me to share my celeb crush ok?!

3. What are you scared of?
Ghost train rides and haunted houses (the ones you can find in theme parks), bad things happening to the people I love, my own imagination (it can run absolutely riot without my permission and I'll be suddenly convinced the entire undead cast of the Sixth Sense is standing right behind me), and spiders. I never used to be scared of spiders when I was little. I blame mob mentality. 

4. Where would you like a holiday home?
Is it cheating if I say I'd like a campervan type thing, so I could move my holiday home around with me? Something like this would be rather nice...

5. Tell me a burning ambition?
To do something creative as my career, and to have a big country-style kitchen where we can entertain friends. 

6. What is your home decor style?
I like to think our home decor is fun. It's a rather unique mixture of Country Living magazine meets toy shop meets pub. It's VERY colourful. 

7. Who is your favourite clothing designer?
Proper designer wise, I'd have to say Vivienne Westwood because she seems mental and I love tartan. Aside from her, I love the design team at H&M- I've got more clothes from there than any other high street shop. 

8. Are you a cat person or a dog person?
Can I have people person? If I have to choose, I'll say cat.

9. What advice would you give your 16 year old self?
"Stop being dramatic about unsuitable boys; we end up with a brilliant one, so spend your free time doing something useful like learning to moonwalk -instead of obsessing about gawky kids with bum-fluff on their chins."

10. Whose was the first blog you followed? (Not necessarily in an official followy way)
I think it was my bestie's blog on tumblr. She's since moved to blogger

11. What do you look for and enjoy most of all in other peoples blogs?
Wit, honesty, and pictures of before/after kitchen makeovers. 

Katie xxx 


  1. Oooh, I love these award things, your responses are so interesting!

  2. Very interseting answers! I didn't know you'd already had one! I love the caravan pic. I also lust after that. And Constance is my daughters name which totally means we need one.
    Thanks for playing along. I shall rip out my kitchen just for you! One day. x

  3. I love your answers! And I'd love that campervan too!

  4. I love this! I also kind of started blogging to help me save my craft projects. Bum-fluff chins, LOL! What were are 16 year old selves thinking?!

  5. I love these answers! Actually laughed out loud. Could you have a word with my 16 year old self while your at it? She needs the same advice haha =) xx