17 January 2013

Wakehurst Place Revisited

Hello lovelies

Happy Friday Eve :)

As I mentioned in yesterday's birthday-related post, Tom and I spent a very enjoyable few hours yesterday morning stomping round Wakehurst Place. It was our second visit to the lovely National Trust park, and a completely different experience from our first (a warm, autumnal afternoon) because everything was covered in the most beautiful layer of glittering frost. 

Is it just me, or does this bud TOTALLY look like it has a nipple?

I know a bad workman blames his tools, but I am super jealous of Tom's photos from yesterday because he was using the mega-zoom lens which looks like this and takes the most amazing close-ups from miles away:

Just LOOK at Tom's photo of the pheasant compared to mine- and we were standing the same distance away. Beautiful, huh? :)

Katie xxx


  1. Your photos are still beautiful! Everything looks great with the light layer of frost!

  2. Beautiful pictures, the first one is stunning! I went to Wakehurst Place in summer a few years ago, must go back soon! X

  3. HeHe I like your completely accurate illustration of Tom's camera! My other half is a bit like that too - only he uses his phone while I use my super duper fancy-pants camera - and his are quite often better than mine!!
    Anna x