16 January 2013

Birthday Boy!

Hello lovelies,

Today is Tom's 29th birthday and has so far consisted of:

1. Not being at work. 
The best way to spend a Wednesday.

2. Presents

3. Cards
I decided on a Monty Python design in tribute to last year's Halloween costumes, and also because I bought Tom a "Make Your Own Cheese" kit as one of his presents. 

4. Celebratory dinosaur socks
Mine, not Tom's - a belated Christmas present from the lovely Katy

5. Birthday breakfast at Bills

6. A long, rosy-cheeked walk around Wakehurst Place
We originally visited Wakehurst Place for an after-work date last year, but didn't have enough time to see it all. This visit involved frost, and a lot of bird-related incidents (which I will share in a separate post later this week).

We don't do paths, because we are rebels who don't care
7. Shopping for special birthday treats in Waitrose, Photoshop-ing, biscuits, blankets, tea and TV.

This evening will mainly consist of mountains of homemade Moroccan tagine, a movie, and lots of me singing Happy Birthday in a very out-of-tune way (Tom LOVES it.). Plus a birthday cake donut thingummy so he can blow out some candles, and eat a donut.

Hurrah! Happy Birthday, Tom :) 

Katie xxx


  1. AWhh sounds like the perfect birthday! I keep meaning to go to Wakehurst, must do it in Spring! I love how often you go to Bills! I think celebrating my birthday there is a must this year! xxx

    1. We go to Bills far too much :) We celebrate every months's anniversary for the first year we were together- just as an excuse to go to Bills! Haha. Wakehurst is really lovely- and Lindfield (which you'll pass through on the way there from Brighton) is the prettiest little village; it even has a big pond in the middle of it! xxx

  2. Just wanted to say - awesome beard!!
    Anna x