18 January 2013

Crafty Odds & Ends and another Fridge Magnet tutorial

Hello lovelies! 

Tom's birthday celebrations are still going strong (and by that I mean we're back to living our normal everyday lives, but every now and again I'll shout TWENTY NINE right in Tom's face), so I had today off work too. Hurrah! 

I decided to get my craft on today to make the most of being cosy inside during the snowtime outside. Side note- I found my diary from last year the other day and it said "I have officially become an Old Person because the first thing I think when hearing about impending snow is 'Well, that's going to make walking anywhere a total pain in the arse!'"

I decided to try my version of Color Me Katie's tutorial for rainbow flowers (in case you missed it, Katie is also this week's Blog of the Week), but decided to use just one colour per stem instead of four. In my naively optimistic way, I expected results in a matter of hours, but some swift Googling has since informed me this will take approximately 24 hours to happen. *waits patiently* *gets bored and wanders off* *comes back eating a biscuit to check on progress* *wanders off again*. I will post a picture tomorrow when the flowers are hopefully all brightly coloured and whatnot. 

I then decided to fancy up a couple of empty jam jars I had kept purely because I liked their lids. Tom bought me so many awesome crafty bits and pieces for Christmas, including metallic stickers which I thought would work perfectly as jar labels (I used some last Christmas to make gift tags too). 

Tom also bought me some awesome felt-textured frames for Christmas, which I decided to turn into some more DIY fridge magnets. The holes in the frames are rather teeny, so I filled them with little pictures cut out of magazines. 

I took photos to create a step-by-step tutorial for these babies, just in case you want to have a go too. 

You will need:
- Double-sided tape
- Magnets
- Magazines
- Deco felt frames

1. Choose some images from the magazines and cut them out (or you could draw your own pictures/use wrapping paper/photos etc.)

2. Stick the pictures to the back of the frames using double-sided tape. (N.B. The frames are actually self-adhesive, but I wanted to put them on the fridge using magnets so I could move them around.) 

3. Attach a magnet to the back of each frame.

4. Stick on the fridge and admire your handiwork. 

Katie xxx

P.S. Make sure to check back here tomorrow- I'll be sharing something completely different! :)


  1. Love your magnets!
    happy weekend! hx

  2. ERRR I love those frames!!! Please tell Tom to tell me where they're from (I need them that much-deadly serious)!Love what you have filled them with, also love the stickers on the jars! I have been meaning to do the coloured flowers too!xx xxxx

  3. Can we please see your whole fridge at some point to see all the amazing magnets displayed (and I am soooo tempted to do that Scrabble board one for my wedding, so tempted!)x

  4. Those magnets are adorable! I love the magazine cut-outs you used! And the letter stickers you used on the jam jars are perfect! I hope your rainbow flowers turn out well!