13 January 2013

Blog of the Week Number 2

Hello lovelies!

Today is the second post in my new regular series- Blog of the Week. My first BOTW, for those of you who might have missed it, was the beautiful Katy's brand-new blog Sparkle and Shine. I've known Katy since I was a nipper and it's nice to be able to keep in touch via the internet as we don't get to see each other as often as we wish in the real-life world (although I am actually seeing her today! Hurrah!). 

The other side of this blogging m'lark is getting to discover (and befriend) people from all over the world with similar interests, different lives, beautiful babies, and unbelievable skills. Funny people, thoughtful people, clever people, and talented people. Thank you, internet for being so awesome. 

Thank You Based God - Oh, internet you are brilliant

My second BOTW is one of these very people. I have chosen Katie from Color Me Katie (I promise BOTW is not themed specifically to bloggers called Katie- that would be silly and also slightly neurotic). 

Katie- sleeping in a pile of craft stuff. We've all been there. 

When I first discovered Katie's blog I spent an entire evening reading all of her previous posts. She is one of the most generous and inspiring bloggers I have ever found; capable of turning bits of coloured paper, or tiny rubber ducks, into things of beauty and delight. As you might have guessed from her blog title, she's a big fan of colour (or "color", as she is from across the pond), and confirmed to me there is no such thing as too much colour when it comes to decorating. Hence our explosion-in-the-Dulux-factory house. 

You can read more about these balloons here
Her blog is the perfect rainbow-bright remedy for the current grey wintery weather here in the U.K. Katie also does a lot of very sweet, inexpensive things purely to make other people smile, such as hiding things in the street for them to find, or making unusual decorations from nature. I think it's a really lovely idea, and I spotted a tree stump today that gave me a spark of inspiration. I'm hoping to do a bit of a sneak-attack on it myself in the summer.

Just catching up on the food shopping...

Katie xxx

P.S. Cat fans- she has a very cute cat called Moo - who gets up to all sorts of adventures!


  1. Ohh a new blog to read! I have always loved the idea of creating art on the streets or leaving gifts around my city just to make someone smile. I need to make a point of doing that in 2013!

    And I love that Canadians also keep 'U's in their words.... Colour is the proper spelling to me!

    1. I know- it's such a sweet and easy idea, and it would be so nice to cheer up some strangers :)

  2. Ooo, I've been reading this blog for a while and I think it's great. So bright and colourful and full of fun and love.

  3. Katie is fantastic, isn't she? I've been reading her blog for a while and did the same thing as you, going back and reading all her posts.

  4. Yay for sharing the blog love! Her photos are so amazing! I am a wee bit jealous xx

  5. She's very cool. I read all her posts too. Very easy reading too! What a lovely girl! I need some ducks to deposit in puddles...

  6. I love Katoe's blog... colourful gorgeousness. I've been a fan for a while now too :)