8 December 2012

Advent Treasure Hunt - Week 1

One week into December, Tom has managed to solve seven devious Advent Calendar Treasure Hunt clues- like a beardy Miss Marple. The first week's worth of presents were all quite similar, as I didn't want the coffee beans going stale and I thought it would be cruel to make Tom wait longer than a few days to find all three parts of the Lego kit.

I've included the clues below so you call all take part in guessing where I hid them too (some of my clues are a lot easier than others; one of my future clues just says "Larder"...). Gold stars all round for any correct guesses :)

Day 1

Clue - "Present 1 is a pick-me-up to help you battle the daily grind; I've hidden it with the gadget you use to smash up others of it's kind"

Present - "Sumatra Blue Batak" coffee beans from the Whole Foods Market on Kensington High Street

I picked up several types of beans on my recent jaunt to London, and I was worried Tom would suss out I'd bought them as soon as I brought them home because even with them sealed in an old Quality Street tin there was the most deliciously overpowering smell of coffee.

Day 2

Clue - "In one of the places we store our clothes, you'll find something to make your chest hair grow(s)" - might've taken a few liberties with rhyming for this one.

Present - Ass Kickin' Roasted Garlic Hot Sauce from Tom's all-time favourite website Scorchio

Day 3

Clue - "Present number three is part of a (bis)kit; I can't give you the instructions yet because it will ruin it!"

Present - The motorbike kit part of this super-awesome Wolverine Lego Kit. (Which has gone on sale since I bought it... Dammit!) Anyway- it looks freakin' awesome, and the helicopter is meant to fire missiles or something....

Day 4

Clue - "Wake up and smell the... "

Present - "French Roast" coffee beans, again from Whole Foods Market. Can't remember the description; perhaps it tastes like sunburnt French people?

Day 5

Clue - "The second part of the mystery kit, Present 5 is hidden in the best kind of basket"

Present - The second part of the Wolverine Lego Kit.

Adorable Lego figure, and perfect excuse for gratuitous pic of Hugh Jackman....

Day 6

Clue - "Present 6 is on the same thread as Present 4" 

Present - The final bag of coffee beans - this time "Organic Bolivian"; with hints of spice and caramel (apparently)

Day 7

Clue - "Present 7 is the final part of the mystery kit; you'll find it and the instructions where the boys often sit"

Present - The final bag of bits for the Wolverine Helicopter. Tom spent yesterday afternoon making up the kit and he seems really happy with it :) Although I've warned him if I end up getting a helicopter missile in the eye, I will be confiscating it. Haha

Katie xxx

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  1. Such a cute idea! I love the presents and that X-Men Lego kit is awesome! I want the little Wolverine!