8 December 2012

Easy Christmas Decoration Tutorial 5 - Bunnies!

I've been steadily working my way through the craft ideas I've collected on my Christmas Pinterest Board, and decided to attempt my own version of this cute little bunny decoration. Whilst the "real thing" is only 99p, mine was still much cheaper; basically free, in fact! This is a handy way to use up any leftover wrapping paper scraps you've got lying around; you could even patchwork several of them onto each side if you don't have large enough individual pieces left.

You will need:
- Thin cardboard (cereal boxes are perfect for this)
- Wrapping paper
- PVA glue, a pencil and a paintbrush
- Thread (optional)

To make a bunny bauble:

1. Draw a freehand bunny-shaped outline onto the cardboard (don't worry about the pencil lines- they'll be covered up soon) and cut it out. 

2. Draw around the cardboard bunny shape twice onto some wrapping paper- once facing up and once facing down, and cut out the two wrapping paper shapes. 

3. Glue the cardboard rabbit between the wrapping paper shapes, like a sandwich. Before gluing the second side, slip both ends of a length of thread between the wrapping paper creating a loop so you can hang this on the tree.

I realise rabbits aren't a traditionally festive animal, but the beauty of these silhouette baubles is you can make them in any shape you like :) Or make a bunny and then stick a paper Santa hat and beard on it to up the Christmas factor. Easy as (mince) pie!


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