16 September 2012

Purplecakes and peaches

Morning lovelies!

I thought I'd share some pictures of my lazy Sunday brunch with you; as today's choice certainly doesn't look like standard brunch-fare! Please do not adjust your set- the photos are showing the right colours :p

Tom bought me these for our anniversary last weekend (because he is awesome), and whilst I haven't found time to bake a cake with them yet, I was still very eager to put them to use! After years of using standard supermarket food colourings (which are probably well out of date by now, as I've been using the same ones for years) and finding it frustrating that I had to use so much dye to get anything close to resembling a bright colour, I was craving something to give my baking a bit of oomph! 

So this morning I decided to experiment with the violet dye in my pancakes... 

The pancakes weren't quite as tasty as normal- but I think that might be down to the egg I used being rather old.

There's only one way to find out- I'll just have to make more pancakes! 

Katie xxx


  1. Yesss.i used the gels and the colours are so much better!apparently some can alter the taste tho!xx

    1. I couldn't work out if the slight change in taste and texture was due to the egg or the colouring. I might add some vanilla essence to the mixture next time to counteract and change in taste from the colouring. Looking forward to getting creative with cake mixtures! Definitely going to attempt a rainbow cake one day xxx