20 September 2012

Fallin' for Autumn clothing

Although I may moan about summer being over, I'm secretly quite pleased! Autumn is actually my favourite season of all; cosy jumpers, kicking through leaves, huge mugs of hot chocolate (not that I need an excuse for hot chocolate at any time of year!). 
Mmm... autumny deliciousness
To me, autumn always seems like the perfect time to reinvent myself. I expect it goes back to the new-start, new-year feeling of September. I remember spending a lot of time choosing my new pencil case for each new year at school- thinking I could completely redefine who I was and how I was perceived, based solely on my choice of stationary. 

Whilst I no longer think I'm going to suddenly turn into Emma Stone by owning a Quicksilver rucksack, I still like the idea of creating a different, seasonal look and pretending to be someone new for a while. 
If I had that dress, I'd look like this too, right?!
That being said, there are a few staple wardrobe items I've wanted since I was a little girl, and once I've found the perfect version it becomes a key part of my wardrobe until it's falling apart at the seams! Since my teens, I've been searching for the perfect duffle coat, satchel, biker boots and cream cable-knit jumper. I guess I've always secretly wanted to be a part-time metalhead, part-time fisherman Paddington Bear :p 

Thanks to Primark's winter coat collection of 2010, I now own a duffle coat. And thanks to my friend Nathan I am the proud owner of some free(!) biker boots, that have been on a motorbike and everything (just not with my feet in them...). Some of you will probably have seen my satchel already. I've also got a classic brown one, but it's a lot less fun that polkadots!
Pretend grumpy in my duffel coat, stomping about in the snow last winter
With only the cream jumper left to find, my life is nearly complete. I know there are plenty of jumpers out there, but it's got to be the perfect one- nice and soft, made from at least some real wool, not all acrylic and scratchy, or woollen and itchy, and the pattern has to be right. Also, thanks to my freakishly long body, it's got to be long enough not to leave my hips hanging out the bottom! I feel like this year is going to be the one I finally track it down; there are so many beautiful cable-knit cream clothes out there at the moment! Fingers crossed!
Button jumper / Jumper / Hat / Socks
If you're struggling to get excited about Autumn, I suggest checking out this tumblr- gorgeous! Next, I'm going to be getting excited about warm blankets, bowls of stew, and cosy pyjama bottoms :) 

What are your favourite things about autumn? Beautiful leaves? Halloween? Colourful scarves? 

I'm feeling very excited about all of it! 

Katie xxx


  1. I'm so happy Autumn has arrived! These pictures of socks and leaves and pumpkins and jumpers make me giddy =)

  2. I love autumn too.. just waiting for the leaves to start turning.. that's my favourite part :)

    1. I saw your post :) Autumn leaves are so beautiful- I'm looking forward to lots of long walks (to burn off all the hot chocolate!) xx

  3. I love everything in this post!!!