14 September 2012

Sweet dreams, my dear - please don't (dino)snore!

Hello lovelies! 

Happy Friday to you all :)

I was very excited about getting home from work today (if I could physically run I would've totally run home a-la Charlie Bucket!) because after finishing my latest long-term craft project on Tuesday I couldn't wait to get my teeth into a speedy, instant-gratification craft. I had the idea to do this last weekend, after looking at the few boring, plain white pillowcases amongst our bedding collection and thinking "yawn" (no pun intended. Although, as you've probably guessed, I do love a pun!)

These took me a couple of hours altogether, interspersed with dancing around to Ke$ha *ahem*. It probably could have taken me less time, but I was so excited about starting each one that I kept swapping round halfway through. 

Introducing my new not-so-boring white pillowcases:

Sweet Dreams:
I got this idea because that's what Tom says to me most nights before I fall asleep. As if I'd dream of anything else! :)

Beautiful deer:

I can't take any credit for the design of this one- it's a copy of a picture I found on folksy that I thought was just beautiful. And the best thing to do with art you think is beautiful? Put it on a pillow so you can smoosh your face into it, obviously!

I love dinosaurs EVEN MORE than I love puns. I.e. A LOT. 

To do these I used Airline shirt markers which are super easy to use as they're basically felt-tips for fabric. All you have to do is iron over the pen afterwards and it'll stay on forever. But if you really mess it up, you can wash the fabric before ironing and it'll come out in the wash. Genius!

What do you think? Would you do this to jazz up your bedding? And which one is your favourite- I'd love to know! 

Katie xxx


  1. The pillowcases look amazing!! I love the Sweet Dreams one since it's very much 'me'.

    1. Thank you :) I slept on the sweets one for the first time last night- was a bit scared I'd wake up with a shrimp print on my face a-la Never Been Kissed :p