11 June 2012

The Skulls and Ponies Make Something Swap

As I mentioned in my post about April and May, I've recently been working on a crafty present for the lovely Louise of Craftyguider as my contribution to the Skulls and Ponies Make Something Swap

It's now finally finished, and Louise has seen it (and, thankfully, she loved it- hurrah!) so I can show you lovely lot what I made...

"I love sewing"; because she does. 

I decided to frame it, so Louise could hang it straight on the wall. 

And obviously I had to wrap it nicely before I sent it :)
I had a lot of fun designing the sampler for Louise; and taking part in the swap. I'll show you all a picture of my present from Louise just as soon as Mr Postie shows up with it :) 

Have you taken part in a craft swap before? What did you make, and what did you receive?


  1. This s such a great gift, I am a little jealous! I love a craft swap. I usually participate in the Popular Crafts magazine one. Check out the lovely makes I received! http://claireabellemakes.com/2012/05/10/popular-crafts-swap/

  2. Thank you. That Popular Crafts swap sounds so much fun- I may have to sign up too :) I am very jealous of Kerry and Cybele for receiving your crafty gifts- the bag and purse and both stunning!

  3. It would be great if you did through popular crafts one! Come join us ;-)

  4. I also participated in this swap but in still waiting for my package too! Lovely job by the way! xo

  5. Thank you :) What did you make for your swap partner? Or is it a secret at the moment because they haven't seen it yet? :) x