3 June 2012

Preparing for sunshine and babies (not mine!)

So... have you lovely lot been enjoying the blazing sunshine of the last few weeks? 

I have to admit that the real reason sunshine makes me happy is because it makes other people happy- and I do like seeing my peeps with big smiles on their lovely faces :) 

Unfortunately, my pasty skin burns easier than 3am drunken-munchies toast; despite wearing factor 50(!) suncream. So, for me, summer time means covering up, sitting in the shade, and eating lots of ice-cream (there's no medical proof it prevents sunburn, but you can never be too careful...)

The silver lining to the cloud(less summer sky) is that with my new-ish Proper Grown Up Job I've been forced to go shopping for some sophisticated summer work clothes; and I have decided that 2012 is the year I will start wearing full length skirts and dresses, like a proper grown up! My favourite find so far was a £14 skirt from Primark, that looks exactly like one I was eyeing up in Zara. 

Basically like this, but not 60 English pounds
The other preparations I've been lucky enough to take part in are MUCH more exciting than sunshine. My lovely friend (and Work Mum, from my previous job) and her equally lovely other half have been approved as adoptive parents; and will very soon be welcoming a teeny tiny toddler into their family. 

To make their new little one feel instantly at home, they asked me to put my art skills to use painting some murals on the nursery walls. Apparently their son-to-be loves Bob the Builder and Thomas the Tank Engine (who doesn't?!) so I spent two very enjoyable evenings mixing together tiny paint sample pots to create the pictures below; and being paid for my efforts with delicious home-made lasagne :) 

It's amazing how much more fun decorating is when you're drawing cartoon characters. I might see if Tom will let me paint dinosaurs in our hallway rather than just painting it green. 

Have any of you bought any new summery dresses you're excited about showing off on the beach/at work/on holiday? Or painted any murals for the babies in your lives? I would love to see pictures!


  1. That skirt is so pretty! I need to buy myself a long skirt this summer too. I've always been scared to wear skirts and dresses that go below my knee but I'm starting to feel self-conscious wearing skirts and dresses that are short. Apparently I'm getting old haha.

    Those murals are wonderful! You are very talented!

    xo Jen

  2. Thank you :) It was certainly a lot more fun than regular decorating! And painting on the walls still has that buzz of feeling like a naughty child; despite being old enough to start wearing long skirts! My other half and I painted our Christmas tree on the living room wall for our first Christmas in our very own house- we both felt like a parent was going to come in any minute and tell us off! Haha