31 May 2012

April and May

Dear Internet,

Sorry it's been so long. I have so much to tell you it's a bit overwhelming; so I've decided to try and summarise the last two months(!) in a series of blurry phone-camera photographs, (hopefully) interesting anecdotes, and pictures stolen from the internet.... Here goes:

After 18 months of searching, I finally found the Perfect Chest of Drawers, in a local flea market (please excuse shoddy photo). 

Unfortunately, that perfection didn't stretch to it fitting into the back of our car... I maintain this lack of consideration/measurement on my part was not my fault, because after Tom managed to fit six dining chairs into the back of our car I decided it must be a Tardis able to fit anything. 

Anyway, thanks to the unbelievable generosity of a flatbed-truck-owning couple who happened to be shopping at the flea market too, a complete stranger called Boo gave me and the chest of drawers a lift home - for free! It was such a selfless act of kindness; I must make sure I pay it forward!


I've been spending a lot of time out in our garden appreciating the sunshine- and the fact it's encouraged the flowers to start coming out. The end of our garden looks like a fairy grotto. I would probably spend most of my time sitting in there, if it didn't look like the perfect hiding place for spiders... 


I've also been busy crafting away on my contribution for the Skulls and Ponies Craft Swap. I've been paired with the lovely Louise over at Craftyguider - and I'm really hoping she's going to love what I've made her! I will post some pictures soon after Louise has received my craft gift; I don't want to spoil the surprise for her! 


Since my last post, I turned 24, and had one of the best birthdays ever. Tom and Fran both bought me some super-lovely presents, and I had a really nice day drinking cocktails and eating cupcakes with some excellent people. My presents included these lovely fabrics from Fran:


We've still got some decorating to do before our house is finished. Currently ongoing projects are the hallway, landing and bathroom. I spent today stripping the remaining wallpaper in the bathroom. It's looking rather a state at the moment, thanks to the combination of crabstick coloured paint we've unearthed, and the shoddy work of the builders who knocked the toilet and bathroom through into one room. Hopefully I'll be able to post some much prettier "After" photos soon...


I've been going through a phase of getting really involved in the books I'm reading. Two recent reads have been utterly gripping; and despite being very different genres and writing styles, I've just realised they're both centred around a race against time. 

The first was Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne - a story I imagine most people are vaguely familiar with, but I had no idea that Phileas Fogg was such a fascinating character. I particularly enjoyed the part set in India because, having been there myself, it was very easy to picture the adventures as they unfurled. 

The second was Hunted by Emlyn Rees. A really gripping thriller that hooked me in so badly at times I had to remind myself to breath! I would heartily recommend this book to anyone- although I was very cross to subsequently find out that the sequel isn't due for publication until February 2013. I want to know what happens next NOW, dammit!! :)


Two final things of awesomeness:

I received this brilliant Thank You card from my friend Will, for sponsoring him in a charity walk from London to Brighton... over 35 hours of walking!! Mmmm.... tasty thank you...

And my friend Charlie sent me a link to these... I now want to move to Moscow just so I can look at them every day.


So... How are you all? Please feel free to share pictures of your gardens/lovely bathrooms/travels abroad. Have you read either of the books above? What did you think? 

Katie xxx


  1. I've never read around the world in 80 days, I think I will read that next! Hunted sounds like something I'd like too *adds to list*.

  2. I tried to write more but stupid comment box messed up.

  3. Sorry the comment box was being a pain- but thank you for persevering :) I would definitely recommend it; purely for the bit about the circus folk with 6ft long noses. xxx

  4. Sounds like a fab couple of months! I am currently in Vienna, will blog it soon over on www.cernycaj.blogspot.com TTFN :-)

  5. Ooh that sounds lovely! I look forward to reading all about it :)