6 May 2016

In April I...

... became older and wiser
Ok, the second part's a lie. But I AM older. Partly because of science (I'm older now than when I started writing this sentence. And older still... And even OLDER... *dashes to the mirror in search of wrinkles*) and also because I've had one of those birthday things. Like I'm the Queen or something.

Birthday card extraordinaire, courtesy of the beautiful and talented Skye

I managed to stretch this year's celebrations over three whole days: a Work Birthday, a Birthday Party Day, and my Actual Birthday. My Work Birthday included a DIY-d "birthday" balloon (from a recent awards ceremony) and a "2 and 8" badge duo, where the "2" badge was sans safety pin. Because two year olds aren't allowed safety pins... Bahaha

The rest of the celebrations involved surprise homemade cupcakes(!) smuggled into the pub, midnight tuaca shots, a drunken speech, and seriously epic presents; some made my eyes go all watery like they were made of happy puddles, others made me squeal like a piglet who'd just won a trip to Disneyland. 

What do you get the girl who has everything? A ghost, of course!

I was hastily told while unwrapping this that it was "a comedy gift"
and wasn't a hint about my wrinkly face...
... Listened to Celine Dion. Repeatedly
To the point where my phone has now started sending me prompts:

My addiction to Think Twice is getting seeeeerrrriiiioooooussss. 

... Ate a salad.
Yes. SALAD. 

Mostly to shut my phone up, after it started making pointed comments about my cake consumption to exercise ratio (all : nothing)...

... demolished 18 cheeseboards
Well, I had to do SOMETHING to counteract that salad. I've made a shiny new group of friendlings recently, and cheeseboards have become Our Thing. This has resulted in two supermarket trips organised specifically for cheese shopping, and earlier this week a few of us actually went on a cheeseboard CRAWL. It's safe to say my life has never been so brilliantly cheesy.

Just a standard TuesCheeseday...

So, what have I missed? Tell me EVERYTHING!

Katie xxx


  1. Happy Birthday. I believe we should have a birthday season so we can stretch the celebration over an entire month. Why not?

    1. I wholeheartedly concur! I mean, Christmas gets it own season - so I think birthdays should too :) xxx

  2. Wasn't your birthday ages ago? (Did you get the present by the way? Was worried I sent into to the wrong address!?)
    The cheese board group sounds amazing!!! I'd love to be part of a cheese group!!!!x

    1. It was 3rd April - so, yes :) I did indeed and I LOVE it! thank you so much - am sending proper thank you note/letter as part of next missive but still need to finish writing that :) Perhaps you should start a cheese group? I'm sure you'd be more popular than ever! xxx

  3. Happy BIRTHDAY!!! Even though I'm commenting on this so much later than you wrote it. But at least I'm still in the same month - so it counts. I think?

    Cheese Board crawl sounds amazing. I need that in my life. Do you ever eat so much cheese though that you begin to feel drunk? Whenever we have a Cheese Friday at work we always end up tired and giggly in the afternoon, with a warped view of reality. Probably not ideal as I work in a hospital, but whatever :-P

    Rachel x
    The Inelegant Wench

    1. Thanks lovely! I took your belated birthday wishes as an excuse to eat too much chocolate cake after dinner. Because it's my sort-of birthday :p

      I have never experienced cheese drunkeness before! Clearly I need to up my cheeseboard game!!! I'm off to tell my friends that we haven't been demolishing enough dairy goodness xxx