14 February 2016

Six Things Sunday

Hello lovelies :)

Happy Sunday! You're WORKING that bed-hair today.

Before we get to the good stuff, I've got an important life announcement; I've decided to change my surname to "Shotgun". Not only does that mean that one day I'll genuinely be able to invite people to my Shotgun Wedding, it'll also make me seem posher because it's double-barrelled. Bahaha....

Assuming you're still reading (congrats on making it past those puns!), here's a list of things currently contributing to my eye twinkle:

1. Breaking Hearts
I see no reason why Valentine's chocolate can only be shared with someone you love in a naked kind of way. Especially when it's full of peanut butter.

2. Clock Watching
Well, watch-watching; but that sounds weird. I recently decided I needed a watch in my life, so I could start doing not-so-subtle wrist-check in boring meetings. I couldn't decide which one was my favourite, so I chose three. Story of my life.

3. Growing Up
You know you've made a friend for life when they add you to their door frame height chart. Don't even try to pretend you aren't aching to do this in your own house too now!

4. Flights of fancy
As my new watch will attest, there's always time to go travelling if you really want to, and today I'm meeting some friends to plan my first international adventure of 2016; Paris followed by Copenhagen. 

I'm most excited about visiting this bakery, because they appear to offer SPOUSES MADE OF CAKE. What do you mean "You're going to leave Copenhagen as a widow"?!?

5. Wish you were here...
My Parisian postcards won't be the first I've sent this year. Postcards from day trips are also totally legit, you know. 

6. Rawrsomely comfortable
Shortly before Christmas, I received a surprise parcel that was literally full of glitter and magic. And not just any old magic, either - DINOSAUR MAGIC. It turned out Kezzie had sent me several incredible Christmas presents, including a dinosaur duvet cover(!!!) specifically for me to cut up and play with! This discovery preceded a significant amount of squealing, because I knew exactly what I was going to make...

Since moving into my new house last November I'd been trying (and failing) to track down my Dream Dressing Gown. Mostly for my housemates' sake as, having thrown out my old one in the move, I'd been forced to wander round the house in a barely long enough jumper. Yes, forced, I tell you. 

After a wholly fruitless search, I'd decided to try and make one myself. It turns out making a dressing gown by eye is much harder than a shift dress, but it just about does the job. 

Ironically, it's turned out about the same length as the jumper. But, as my housemates pointed out, at least now it's my stegosaur-arse hanging out instead....

What's been making you smile recently? 

Katie xxx


  1. Oh wow, the dressing gown looks incredible!!! Well done you!!!! The watches are gorgeous too esp the map one! I should really start wearing one again. I recently found my Swatch watch from the early 90's, needs a battery as well as all the other watches through the years!!

    1. It's all thanks to you lovely, and your amazing gift-giving skills! I absolutely love it; especially all the dino facts! :) xxx

  2. That dressing gown is amazing!! Also three watches should be the new thing, especially when travelling - one set to each time zone! xx

    1. Thanks lovely! And that's a genius idea for time zone watches - I made have to do just that! One for London, one for Paris and one for Copenhagen :) xxx

  3. Fab dino gown, is there no end to your duvet cover as clothes making talents? (Mine has doubled as a cloak on occasions but there's still been a duvet inside it). Love the plane/world watch and quite taken with the yellow one too.

    Copenhagen is on my list but so far our planning for this year involves Sicily and Dublin. I quite want to fit in Iceland as well but it's all very pricey for the 4 of us.

    1. Thanks Lakota! I might have reached my duvet-stitching limit now. Although I quite like the idea of making one with a duvet in; maybe some kind of 90's puffer jacket?! You should definitely do Copenhagen this year- easyjet are doing flights for TWO POUNDS THIRTY PENCE right now. INSANITY xxx

  4. You made a dressing gown? Just when I think you can't get any more bloody awesome!!
    Imma start wearing three watches, I think it's the future.
    And hurrah for happy travel planning, I hear amazing things about Denmark and Paree is everything.
    M x

    1. Awww, thanks love :) You totally should start wearing more watches. And maybe leave one always set to 11? Permanent excuse for elevenses, that. xxx