24 January 2016

Face Off

Hello lovelies!

How's it going? You'll be relieved to hear I'm finally breaking the suspense of my last post and sharing some of the excellent faces I've seen (and pulled) in the last six weeks or so. 

The first (and by far the cutest!) is my friend's gorgeous baby enraptured by the excellent wisdom I penned in her belated actual day-of-birthday/Christmas card: 

Said advice went along the lines of "Read lots, kick arse and, above all, NEVER, EVER BE ANNE." - referring to Anne of Famous Five fame. As you may recall, Anne basically never went on adventures because she was too busy doing the washing up and recovering from the exhausting chore of making potted meat sandwiches for everyone else. COME ON, ANNE. Seriously.

This is the face of a girl who's just been given the best sweatshirt ever created by humanity. Double-sided astro-goodness, in a fabric so shiny it looks like she plays for some kind of Space Hockey team.

This one's not a human face (just in case you hadn't noticed!) but this bag's been making my face smile ever since she arrived on Thursday. She also makes me feel 27 going on 4. Who cares if the actual bag bit's so small it can only fit my keys in it?!

And y'all get a bonus face thanks to my DIY Panda Cushion

My face again, but almost recognisable thanks to my lovely trainee hairdresser house mate. I've been her model for blow-dry practice twice so far, and it's fun to see what I'd look like as a Real Girl who brushed her hair and stuff. But I've got to be honest- I really don't like my hair when it's this flat. It's impossible to hide snacks in.

Another non-human face, after treating myself to one of the fantastically talented Bex's custom wall art hoops over at The Pigeon's Nest (whose own face is prettier than a Disney Princess, btw). 


Last, but definitely not least- I want to introduce you to the best thing that's ever happened to me, or indeed to the universe. It's also my excuse for tenuously naming this post after a Nic Cage movie (for which I'm not even going to pretend I'm sorry). Are you ready? 

[I've left a gap here on purpose so you can prepare yourselves. Emma Kate - you might want to grab a paper bag in case you hyperventilate.]


Isn't it AMAZING?! I can't decide which part I love the most - the fact that it's "signed" (this thing is about as official as me declaring myself the official face of Frosties due to my tiger facepaint), or the fact that they've Photoshopped his chest hair OVER HIS OWN BICEP. 

You may've noticed this is actually a pillowcase, but I've refused to use it as one because it'd mean that, like a small child's favourite toy, at some point it'd have to be washed - and I just couldn't bear to be be parted with it for the length of a washing machine cycle. So, instead, I've pinned it on my bedroom wall. Like the flag of an official fan club.

Have you seen any particularly brilliant faces recently? Or been given any official celebrity merchandise involving Photoshopped chest hair? Do share!

Katie xxx


  1. There are some great faces in there! Check you out with groomed hair! I like the mad hair more though! Makes you more human and less Barbie! Ha ha!! (it's the blonde hair thing- my little sister looks like Barbie her hair is so immaculate!!)
    Anne did have the rum deal- she seemed to like it though. Or was that social conditioning!?!??x

    1. Thanks Kezzie; I do too! I do feel a little like Corporate Barbie sometimes if I'm at work with actually tamed hair (but I usually leave it wild all the time). I think it might be the latter - although Anne did also appear to be afraid of pretty much everything. People, the dark, getting her ankle socks dirty... xxx

    2. I worry in respect of your last reference to Anne, that I may ACTUALLY be a bit Anne-ish, except that I am shite at housework!x

    3. I've seen your hiking photos- you're definitely not a dirty-ankle-sock-fears kind of girl. Which somehow sounds filthier than your hypothetical socks... xxx

  2. Haha your friend's baby's face is so cute reading that card! Amazing collection of faces, particularly that embroidery hoop!! Love it.

    Zoe | floral and feather

    1. Isn't it just! I love how engrossed she looks :) Bex really does work magic with a needle xxx

  3. That's a nice baby! Not that I'm biased...

    I think for Anne, she had been brought up to indulge her fears ("I'll protect you, little sister") and was rewarded for her homemaking skills ("you'll make someone a wonderful wife one day Anne, you make the best sandwiches" etc) so she was very sensibly, within her highly patriarchal environment, sticking with the actions and comments that got her social recognition. Although George had more fun, she did have to live with a lot of social stigma regarding her haircut/activities. Julian and Dick didn't have to make those choices of course, but perhaps one of them had an underlying urge to bake battenburgs that they couldn't express because of previously mentioned patriarchal environment?

    I've read a lot of famous five. xxx

    1. Ha, you have!!!!! That's brilliant. I agree! The boys ALWAYS complimented Anne on her motherish ways- I remember that particularly in Five go off to Camp when they left her behind when they searched for the spook trains and in Five runaway when she made the cave look nice for them!

      Is that YOUR baby?He's adorable!x

    2. She is indeed, I'm proud to see her find fame at last! haha.
      Thanks for the comment on my blog btw - I'd forgotten to do 'notify me' so I would have missed your reply! xx

  4. That pillowcase is fantastic! I also love your hair in both pictures! I also rarely use a hair brush... I like natural bedhead! And that space sweater is pretty amazing.