27 September 2015

Hundreds and Thousands

Hello lovelies!

How are you?! Eaten any good cakes recently? 

My last few weeks have been sprinkled with more happy things than I can recall (possibly because some of them happened after multiple cocktails...) but I'm going to try my best to do them justice. Here we go...

New friends
Mostly thanks to Meet Up, my phone contacts have tripled in the last few months. And it's definitely not a quantity over quality thing - I've just been lucky enough to meet a smorgasboard of absolutely fantastic people. I've gained brunch buddies, adopted new siblings, and even had a bramance*.

Pre-charity shopping waffles. Can Saturdays get any better?!

I also had the time of my life at my best friend's wedding on the Isle of Wight. It involved five kinds of cake, a jukebox of Michael Jackson's finest, and ending the night dancing to 90's grunge whilst wearing a tie like Rambo. Kind of wish she could get married again.

And don't even get me started on my amazing Book Club mates. I co-founded it with two friends in April, and five of us bright young things now meet once a month to spend four minutes discussing a book we've half-read, then spend the rest of the night demolishing cocktails, carbs, and ice-cream sundaes. I can't imagine many people end up hungover from partying too hard at book club...

You guys really are the best.

Cocktail Crawls
I've decided that cocktail bar crawls are way more sophisticated than pub crawls, and a much classier reason to be tipsy (and then some. ahem) at 6pm on a Friday... I've (literally) stumbled on several new-to-me establishments of late; one of which has a candy floss machine BEHIND THE BAR. I've also refined my choice of wine - I'm pretty sure only the fanciest vintages come in their own gold cage.

Getting my geek on
I can't deny it any more; I'm a fully fledged boardgames geek. Been there, done that, wishing I had the t-shirt (I'm seriously considering starting a geeky t-shirts wishlist...). I've become a regular fixture at my local Boardgames Club and despite dying of thirst, being eaten by sharks, and being called a werewolf (and that was just on Wednesday!) I'm having a fabulous time.

The Perfect Email
What's that, Natural History Museum? Would I be interested in perusing your new "Kitsch Dinosaur" collection? Hmmm... let me just think abo... OF COURSE I BLOODY WOULD. 

I wish they'd make a suit in this print. I'd TOTALLY wear it to work. 

Embracing the spontaneous
Thanks to a bunch of lads from Wokingham, I no longer have to wonder "What would I do if a stag do of complete strangers invited me out dancing?". The answer to that mystery is apparently "Getting home at midday with arms covered in VIP club stamps, Jaegermeister in my hair, and the nickname Shark Eyes"... 

Lazy Sundays
I'm currently cat-sitting and flat-sitting for some lovely folks who are off on their honeymoon, and we've decided to spend the day on the sofa catching up on bad TV. 

Photo taken immediately after asking Cat if she wanted to watch MIC.
Didn't know kittens could facepalm...

Katie xxx

*Like a bromance, but for girls. I've copywrited that.


  1. Ha,you HAVE been busy! Seriously,the stag do???? That's really funny! Only you!
    Those waffles look epic!x

    1. Indeed I have!! Funnily enough, you say "only me" but one of my friends actually ended up on a different stag do that night in London! Haha xxx

  2. Sounds like you've been having some great times. I love that you randomly got involved with a stag do!

  3. Where is this bar that also does candy floss, I must go there.

    1. It's this one: http://www.bohemiabrighton.co.uk/bar.htm

      Apparently they also do amazing breakfasts! Think I need a revisit :p xxx

  4. Sounds like life is good! I did actually have to google 'bromance' because I'm quite elderly and I got quite the wrong end of the stick about a 'bra'mance, let me tell you. Thank you google for clearing that up.
    Your nails are just lovely! xxx

    1. Haha - I almost wish you hadn't Googled it ("So, Katie's decided to go for a rather extreme life overhaul recently....") but glad to have introduced you to bromance :p
      Thank you for the nail compliment - how are yours getting along? xxx

  5. Haha sounds like a bra-illiant week (see what I did there?!) Love your stag do adventure! And cocktail crawls are definitely the new pub crawl!
    Zoe | floral and feather

    1. Hey Internet Twin!! Good work on the pun, and I wholeheartedly concur about cocktail crawls (although one must be extremely careful to annunciate properly when telling strangers mid-crawl!) xxx

  6. You have been incredibly busy everything sounds like SO much fun! I'm jealous of some of these outings. That facepalm cat photo is too perfect.

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