20 August 2015

Three Things Thursday

Howdy, Guvnors*! 

How's tricks?

Today's contributions to the ever-growing list of weirdness (aka this blog) are all, happily, free. I'd like to think it's a sign of me becoming less materialistic, but yesterday's response to finding the two Gilmore Girls box-sets missing from my collection would insist otherwise. I might have yelled "YAAAY!" and punched the air a bit. Sorry again for making you jump, Game Shop Geeks...

1. Chalk it up
I know lots of people find sitting on a beach incredibly relaxing, but my fidgety fingers just never stop itching for something to do. On my last visit, Mother Nature was kind enough to provide gratis entertainment in the form of a smattering of chalk chunks mixed in amongst the stones. 

I was secretly hoping that someone might find them before the tide washed my scribbles away...

2. Suspended Sofas
I've decided that all Wednesday afternoons should be spent with friends eating Mexican food, baking cakes, and watching trashy Netflix movies (Burlesque, anyone?). Unfortunately, I don't think my annual leave quota would cover it- but it did make yesterday feel all the more special. It also had just a hint of the surreal, thanks to the décor in my friend's local Paperchase (a shop I find rather enchanting anyway...). 

Apparently, the floor was rotting away in the first floor of the building; so they came up with a rather ingenious way of decorating the empty space. 

I filmed a speedy video too, to show you all how it's suspended within the space. Pretty cool, huh?

3. Fat Flap
My favourite part of yesterday's adventures surpassed even the magical floating furniture, after my friend's pug (who apparently loves food even more than I do) realised he could no longer fit through the cat-flap...

That face!!

I'll admit, I used his pu(d)giness as an excuse not to give him any of my banana loaf. Cruel wench, I am.

What have you been up to this week? 

Katie xxx

* I thought I'd try a new greeting, but I think I pulled it off about as well as a rapping grandmother. And not a cool, Betty White-style grandma either. "Hello lovelies!" service will resume as normal from my next post.


  1. Sad, sad pug! That Paperchase is COOOOLLL!! I love the quirkyness! Quirky stuff is cool!
    Love your beach stone graffiting, have you seen Kaylah Doolan's Objects found on a beach art series:
    http://www.thedaintysquid.com/search/label/found%20on%20the%20beach here's the link to her label!

    I SOOOOOo considered coming to Brighton today or tomorrow, I was tempted by a Groupon deal that sadly wasn't available for this week! x

    1. Quirky stuff is very cool; it really made me smile. Kaylah is definitely Queen of Quirk; she always finds such cool stuff!!

      I'm sad you decided against the Brighton visit, but hopefully in a few weeks you'll be able to visit sans Groupon deal if you and CBC fancy it because you can come and stay with me! :) xxx

  2. The Paperchase store makes me incredibly nervous. I, more than anyone, know the weight of furniture and piddly little wires holding it up just don't pass my personal health and safety I'm afraid. I do love looking into the room above though.
    Love your pebble graffiti. You should look into Free Art Friday. You leave your free art and do a facebook post giving a clue as to where it is. Actually, pebbles on a pebbly beach might not be ideal. xxx

    1. You will note that all of my photos were taken from a position that was not directly under a piece of furniture :p I will certainly look into Free Art Friday although, as you say, they might not let me join in any more if I give them instructions to "find some pebbles on the beach" :p xxx

  3. That pug face is too adorable <3