18 October 2014

Photo an hour

Hello lovelies!!

How are your weekends going so far? 

My day involved catching up with chores and life admin, which I decided to thoroughly document for your reading pleasure, like a slightly more feminine David Attenborough. I've even included instructions in case you want to live like me for a day. 

Wake up late, after staying up 'til stupid o'clock the night before watching Ru Paul's Drag Race. Write To Do List on phone while still in bed.

MacGyver takeaway box into container to post blog competition prizes. Use half world's stock of Sellotape. Hipster moustache tape optional*.

Eat very late breakfast of marmite on toast. Drink orange juice. Watch Him & Her on Netflix while catching up on web admin.

Dye old shoes with shoe polish. Ignore instructions about using two shoe polish brushes and two cloths. Use old pair of pants instead.

Have a shower. Eat (half past) elevenses. Photograph your drink. If there's one thing the internet needs, it's more shoddy phone photos of hot beverages. You're welcome, internet. 

Sweep floor. Offset poor progress with To Do List by adding stuff you've already done. 

Take parcel to be posted, stomping through autumn leaves whenever possible.

Worry about your choice of newsagent after the cashier makes a point of putting your parcel on a hard-to-reach shelf "so no-one steals it". Contemplate buying a bottle of wine for the label alone.

Eat late lunch of tortellini with pesto and goats cheese. Collapse on sofa due to carb overload.

Stay on sofa, pinned by weight of own stomach. Watch one two three episodes of Ru Paul's Drag Race.

Vacuum carpets. Set up sewing station and fix pile of broken clothes. Like a clothing hospital.

Turn tunic cursed with eternal static cling into pillowcase. Upon discovering the pillow fits perfectly inside tunic, try not to get paranoid that your torso has the same dimensions as a pillow.

Make vegetable tagine for dinner. Pretend this counteracts earlier carbohydrate consumption. 

Eat dinner while watching Goldie Hawn film of your choice.

Write letter to penpal. Eat chocolate for sustenance. 

Review To Do List. Feel sense of accomplishment.

Katie xxx

*It's not optional. Get some. 


  1. Ooooh look, I'm there!!!!! How honoured I am to feature in a photo an hour!!! I featured in Char'sinstagram for the same reason and also got dead excited then!!!
    Your brogue boots are SOOSOOSOSOS nice and the brogue shoes!!! I don't feel that the 3 pairs i own is enough= MORE brogues needed- nice ones!
    Mmm, your veg looks tasty! I had fish finger sandwiches for lunch at my friend's (who is from Brighton) whilst doing her wedding craft stuff and to counteract that, had chicken with tarragon with a mountain of Meditteranean veg underneath it. Shame about the 100g of Sweet chilli crisps I am not crunching!

    1. I do love those boots - I've worn them on every cold and rainy day since last winter and they've held up pretty well seeing as they're Primarni. Brogues are definitely one of the prettiest kinds of shoe. I used to have some spats but they sadly fell apart. Perhaps I'll ask Santa for a new pair for Christmas. xxx

  2. Those chocolates look amazing! And I'd buy that wine based on the label alone too! You're quite productive. I only wish half my days at home were this productive.

    1. They were pretty darn delicious- we got them as part of a supermarket meal deal. This day was very much the exception- most evenings I do nothing but eat, watch TV, and read things on the internet :) xxx

  3. Replies
    1. Primark men's section last winter. I think they have similar ones in this year, and they were only £18 xxx

    2. When????????????????????? I want to get some!

    3. They've got them in now Kezzie- and they'll definitely have size 8 for you too :) xxx

  4. I too have a pile of clothes that need fixing, alas it's mostly neglected. Good thinking with the tunic-to-cushion change-up! Love your bird mug and dinosaur writing paper, your pen pal is v.lucky :) x

    1. The mug is from the Emma Bridgewater online outlet, and the dinosaur stationery was actually a present- my friends do know me rather well :) I tend to leave mine for a while, then tackle all the sewing in one go- although it's inevitable that I'll end up ripping something else the very next day :p xxx

  5. I do like your fairground tin in the 5.30pm picture! And I'm dead impressed with the amount of diy tasks on your to-do list! :-) xxx

    1. It's rather sweet, isn't it? It had toffees and fudge in it, but I bought it because I loved the tin- the sweets were just an added bonus :) I'm not sure how impressive the To Do List itself is- I'll be more impressed when I've actually done some of them :p xxx

  6. DO you remember or were you ever a part of the livejournal scene?There were a few groups there called 'adiml' or a day in my life... I did a few of these types of posts way back when... you've inspired me and I will try and do one or two soon. On a no work day, or it would be train/keyboard for 6 hours/train/food sleep. Oh, I might to one on holiday!

    you got a lot done, even if it wasn't all ticked off!

    1. I never had a livejournal account, but I do like these kinds of posts (because I'm really nosey :p) I only do these at the weekend for the same reason- no-one wants to see me spending eight hours at the computer then eating carbs until I go to bed. You should definitely do one when you're on holiday :) xxx

  7. So how did the porch and living room walls feel about being touched up willy nilly? I see there was no tick, did they protest? The dress will make a most excellent pillow and your Ru Paul watching face is sublime.
    Sexy shoesies too.
    M x

    1. They love it, but that's probably because they're the sluttiest walls in the house. Seriously, that porch will let anyone in...
      People definitely don't use "sublime" enough any more. Let's bring that back. xxx