3 August 2014

Celebratory Giveaway!

Hey m'dears!

How are you? 

Thank you so much to all of you who left such sweet comments on my last post and on Instagram about my presentation earlier this week. What I didn't mention at the time was that the presentation was part of a job interview... and I GOT THE JOB!!! I'm absolutely over the moon and so excited about getting stuck into a new challenge. I can't share much about it on the internet, so I propose we all pretend I'm going to be designing hats for the dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum instead (I'm just as excited about my actual new job as I would be about doing that :p). 

I spent yesterday trawling every shop in Brighton for new Grown Up Clothes and gorgeous stationery (because a new job is definitely the best justification for the adult equivalent of "Back to School" stationery shopping), and decided to pick up some extra bits to share my happiness with you lovely lot by hosting a giveaway!


So, here's what you can win:

The prize includes:

  • A Cuckoo kitchen timer in hot pink and orange*.
  • A circus mug
  • A Parasaurolophus rubber/eraser
  • A box of teapigs' Popcorn teabags
  • An illustrated tea towel from Paperchase.
  • Possibly a bunch of other stuff, depending on whatever catches my eye when I'm wrapping it up. Probably a Twix. 

The tea towel isn't available online, but luckily I bought myself one too; so you can see the full pattern here:

Your tea towel won't be this wrinkly, I hasten to add. Believe it or not, I actually IRONED this before framing it, but somehow made it more wrinkled than it was before!! I really don't get ironing...

To be in with a chance of winning send me a compliment about my hair just follow the steps in the rafflecopter below by midnight TONIGHT**. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Katie xxx

* The timer is boxed, but I took it out for the photo so y'all could appreciate its full glory.

** Editor's note; this originally stated the giveaway closed on Sunday, because I'm incapable of counting out seven days. Thankfully my new job doesn't involve numbers. 


  1. Wow that's fantastic new, congratulations on the new job, and well done!

  2. Congratulations on the job you clever cookie! So happy for you :)
    I for one would love to see party hats on dinosaurs...maybe they should have seasonal events; you know, easter hats, halloween hats, christmas hats...it would be amazing! xx

  3. Yay, well done! What an exciting new job, are you accepting dinosaur hat ideas in the form of sketches done in the pub and posted to you? Cos that might happen..

  4. Ooooh, yay you!!!!!! I am v happy for you!!!! I am SOOO ALL OVER that tea towel!!!! Must enter it when I'm back on a computer!!! Just in my way back from camp!!!! X

  5. Oh and I'm ALL about a nice calligraphy pen! X

  6. pretty writing paper with matching envelopes floats my boat :)

  7. YAY! so awesome. congratulations and celebrations, I want to world to know how amazingly you've done! #lalalalllllaaaaaaaaaaa!

  8. I was just wondering how your presentation had gone last night, and then here's this post! Congrats lovely lady, you are totally fab! Well done! :) Also, thank you so much for sharing the love with this fantastic giveaway - you sweetie!! xxx

  9. p.s. I love new notebooks - so much possibility!!!

  10. Claire Ferguson4 August 2014 at 20:18

    Pretty note cards are my favourites even better if they have cupcakes on! Congratulations on your new job.

  11. Woop woop! Huge congratulations on the new job! You'll be amazing, I'm sure of it :-)

    I reckon my favourite bit of stationery are those mechanical pencils, the ones you have to feed lead into. Ooh and those blue and white 4-way colour pens (so much fun at school alternating between blue and black all day!). :-) xxx

    1. Haha, I should have read your comment before mine - those fat pens are my favourite too!!!
      Green if you were feeling a bit rebellious?
      M x

  12. Congratulations on your job designing hats for dinosaurs!!!! Best. Job. Ever!

    That mug is amazing :) xx

  13. Yay! I'm thrilled for you! You crack me up. And your hair looks sensational...xxx

  14. Happy new job to you!!! You and your magnificent barnet will completely rock it.

    Can I go old school with my favourite stationery and pick one of those fat pens that had like four different coloured pens in?? Those were bloody marvellous. Now I'm all grown up I do love a posh rollerball pen jobby but those fat babies will always have my heart.
    M x Life Outside London

  15. Well done on your new job. Just found your blog by reading lovely Louisa,s blog Duck in a Dress. :)

  16. Yay for making dinosaur hats! If you've got any left over, I'm sure my dachshund could rock a bowler hat...

    My favourite piece of stationary has to be this giant donkey paperclip I have. I use to to keep my ticket stubs together, it's so weird. I love it! :D

    Chelsea x
    Love in Modern Life

  17. Congratulations! And that popcorn tea sounds very interesting...

  18. Congratulations on the new job!! Ooh fav piece of stationery - I love dividers!! haha sad I know but can't beat a well organised file! Not as much use for them now as a SAHM but loved them in my office working days :) xx

  19. My Parker fountain pen that I have had since I was at school-many moons ago!