21 December 2013

Oh, You Pretty Things

Hello lovelies

How are things?

I've been planning to write some posts about all the Christmas prep I've been doing; the work parties, the wrapping, the last-minute shopping, the many, MANY mince pies I've been eating for breakfast. But instead, I've decided to put together some collages of gorgeous things I've found on Etsy recently. Because a little bit of pretty never hurt anyone, right?  

6. It's nice to be Nice tape by HazelNicholls (It shows just how much I love this biscuit-based tape that I've let the missing apostrophe slide)

Have you spotted anything pretty recently which you've got your eye on? Perhaps for the Boxing Day sales?

Katie xxx


  1. So much prettiness! I have totally fallen in love with the Ruby England website! Want the red dress!!!x

  2. Oh, you found some amazing things! There's a few etsy shops I'm going to check out after Christmas and maybe treat myself. I also want more candles from Bath and Body Works, which I'm hoping they put on sale come Boxing Day.

    1. Candles are definitely on my list for the Boxing Day sales. I've also yet to find the perfect deer head for our wall, so I'm hoping some will go in the sales after Christmas (seeing as most people think deer decorations are only for the festive season!). I'm thinking a few pretty and colourful things will definitely brighten up January :) xxx