14 November 2013

"We just need a blood sample"

In case you weren't aware, I work for the NHS. Not the actual saving-lives bit. In the officey bit. Although I reckon I could save someone's life with a hole-punch, a treasury tag, and one of those stabby-mouthed things for removing staples if I really needed to.

Yesterday afternoon I went to a meeting (mostly for the free biscuits) where I discovered that not only do we have a Day Team and a Night Team to look after elderly patients with dementia, but we also have a Twilight Team!! How reassuring must it be for confused older people to wake up to this?!:


Katie xxx


  1. your illlustrations are fab!!! I didn't know you worked for the NHS but have wondered what you do! WHat department!?!?!x

    1. Thanks Kezzie :) I work in Corporate Services which basically involves organising a whole bunch of meetings and managing admin staff doing the same. It's pretty exciting stuff- I am often wondering who will play me in the movie. xx

    2. HI! I am loathe to unleash my power in case it runs out, but surely you are going to share a post at some time soon?!?!?! ;-) x