18 November 2013


Hello lovelies

How's your Monday been? Good? Middling? In need of copious amounts of wine? I hope it was the former. Although feel free to pretend it was the latter if you're feeling the need for wine regardless! 

Last week at work was utterly beyond awful for me,but this week things are thankfully much, much better. I also moved desks on Friday afternoon as part of a big re-shuffle; and it feels like a brand new start. This has made me happy for several reasons:

1. I managed to grab a different desk to the one I was allocated and it's BY A RUDDY WINDOW. I work in a building which has more gloomy corners full of shadows and SAD than it even has walls. Which you wouldn't think is even possible but it totally is. I am so SO excited about being able to see daylight and gazing daydreamily over the gorgeous vista outside of MY window. Of the office carpark... ahem. But thank heaven for small victories! 

Strangely, I have yet to take a photo of my new car park view;
so here's something funny from the internet instead

2. I've decided to become one of those people with pointless personal stuff all over their desk. After years of refusing to become one of those people with the stuffed animals and the framed photos of kids/Derren Brown/the Royal family (I kid you not!) I've now decided to embrace it. Today I added a framed print from my bookcase and a pretty mug to put all my pens in (the bunting-covered one from this post). 

The Witch Hare by Teresa Winchester

This is the print I've taken to work. I bought the greeting card version from Teresa at a Brighton art fair- it was a wee bit cheaper than the full-size print!

Who knows what tomorrow will bring. Stress ball? Tiny Feng Shui garden thing complete with sand? One of those executive toys where all the balls swing back and forth*? Only time will tell. Part of me is incredibly tempted to stick pompom trim all round the edge....

3. I've got that back-to-school feeling of anticipation and excitement about what the future might hold. Which is basically a legitimate reason to indulge my eternal desire to go shopping in Paperchase for new stationery. Right?

Perhaps this awesome robot notebook? I think so. 

In other news, I want to introduce you to my latest internet discovery: Fisherman Bob. He comes as a brooch and necklace but, more importantly, since when did Tom pose for this?! I need one of these STAT. Mostly for the next time I lose Tom in Ikea; so I can just point at my brooch and people will be able to help me find him. Admittedly he'll have to grow his beard back first... 

Aside from Fisherman Bob's lack of tomatoes, I can't tell these two apart. 

So, what's new with you?

Katie xxx



  1. Aw, I hope this week is much much better. I'm sure the desk stuff will make your new spot very homey.
    What's new with me? Nothing. I've been painting and screwing and drilling and the end is nowhere in sight. Had a silly idea to paint the inside of the cupboard pink as an exciting touch for my daughter. She says it's red and she hates it. I think it's time for her to get her own place. xxx

    1. Oh no!! What if you add some purple butterflies? Thanks for the wishes about this week; I think it's going to be much better, thank goodness! xxx

  2. Sorry to hear work has been poop but yay for new desk! We had a big move at school today. Our new building is finally finished and we helped all day to move teachers into their new classrooms. I felt sad because I don't get a new music room and my room is very very very small and poky and badly designed and I am slowly going deaf from all the noise condensed into such a small room. Sigh. But, then I am lucky to have a music room so mustn't complain!x

    1. Sorry about your tiny room Kezzie- I really hope you find a way to improve it before you go deaf! Can you sneakily "expand" into the room next door, one inch at a time? Like the Twits, except expanding rather than shrinking :p xxx

  3. Oh please hang pompom trim all over your desk! Seriously though, it's nice to have a bit of a change at work and at least you have a view!

    1. Absolutely :) At least now I can see whether it's raining or not before I go out for lunch! I am SO tempted to add pompom trim :p xxx

  4. oh dear. I hope now we're a few more days down the line there is less toilet wailing and way more 'oh wow my view is awesome' :)

    1. Thanks lovely :) I've actually just returned from holiday (first day back tomorrow) so I'm hoping feeling more relaxed will help. xxx