26 July 2013

The bird is the word

Also, LEGO. LEGO is also the word. Put them together and what've you got?

No, not Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo. Better. That's right- better than Disney. What you get is Thomas Poulsom's incredible collection of LEGO birds. How utterly fantastic are these?!

I particularly love the fact that most of Thomas's creations have such adorably alliterative names. You can see more of his incredible work on his Flickr page.

AND you can also vote for his birds to become real life LEGO kits(!) here on the LEGO website. Because, let's be honest- who wouldn't want a LEGO parrot kit for summer time or a LEGO robin at Christmas? NO ONE. That's who.

Katie xxx

P.S. Technically not a bird, but how sweet is Roger the Badger?!

Please note, all photos are copywrite and have been very kindly loaned to me by Thomas (thanks Thomas!). 


  1. Technically not a bird???

    These are awesome! xx

    1. Haha - yes- it's a REALLY big technicality... :) xx

  2. Thanks for the Blog Katie :-)

  3. They are very very cool! My favourite is the robin! :-) xx

  4. Bloody awesome! Thanks for sharing.

  5. These are fantastic! They would be great Lego kits.