25 July 2013

A Totally Wise Investment

Let's be honest here. A £5-off-a-£20-spend voucher from Achica arriving on pay day was never going to end well, was it?

Thankfully, I acted in an incredibly sensible and mature manner and invested my hard-earning cash in something beautiful and functional that will last me forever. Isn't it gorgeous?

Bodum 3 cup French Press coffee maker

I saved a whopping 65% on this beast. Pretty good going, eh? 

Let's just skim over the part where I spent £36 on 3240g of chocolate buttons. 

Button picture borrowed from The Wicked Chocolate Company

I mean, really, it was a perfectly justified purchase, because:

  • They're the best chocolate buttons in the whole wide world
  • They were a really reasonable price, so I practically made money
  • It's not like I'm going to eat them all in a week or two
  • I think Tom's going relish the chance to live solely on rice and beans this month, because it'll turn our dinners into a real life episode Ready, Steady, Cook as we try to turn the same 2 ingredients into another completely different meal. 
  • I've invested the majority some a bit of my money in a good quality, long lasting cafetiere, which is super wisdomous of me. 
  • I'm totally going to share them. Totally.

Before you start getting all "well, THAT was a waste of money"

I reckon I need to get my own TV show about how to create a robust investment portfolio. You'd watch it, right? 

Katie xxx


  1. So when's the chocolate party at yours and where's my invite?!

    1. :) that sounds like a brilliant idea! I'll post you an invite written on a chocolate bar :) xx

  2. That Bodum French Press is so lovely! I love that company. And that's a great investment on chocolate buttons!