11 April 2013

Tea (and Cake) Rex

I've decided this guy (and my guy) definitely deserve a post all of their own. 

Just LOOK at what Tom bought me for my birthday:


Isn't it BEAUTIFUL!!!! I'd whacked this on my Amazon wishlist weeks ago, the very second I laid eyes on it, then completely forgot about it. 

This t-shirt is my new favourite thing for many, many reasons including: 

1. It's got a dinosaur on it (I am raaaaaarther a large fan of dinosaurs)

2. It makes me look like I'm in an 80s metal band (and, let's be honest, I've already got the mane for it). 

3. It's made by Tee and Cake, and THE LABEL HAS A CAKE RECIPE WRITTEN ON IT. I kid you not. None of this boring "wash at 40" nonsense. A ruddy RECIPE. FOR CAKE. I had no idea that the label would be written on- it was the best surprise ever. 

Tee And Cake - Fun, Youthful, Desirable
The label in my new t-shirt. Seriously. 

4. The t-shirt was almost never mine; because Tom accidentally had it shipped to the address we lived at 2.5 years ago. Tom only realised yesterday, and it was delivered over a week ago to our old rented house. We had no idea who was now living there, but Tom drove over last night and met two lovely American girls who are the current tenants. Not only had they kept it, unopened, but they were over the moon to see Tom because they've apparently been referring to him as "Topshop Guy" and hoping he'd turn up to collect his mystery parcel.  

Topshop Guy

Pretty awesome, huh? The (incredibly honest) girls, the t-shirt, the recipe.... and the fact that from now on Tom is going to be forever known to me as Topshop Guy. Could be worse. After Tuesday's traumatic experience he spent the rest of the day calling me Sh*t Face. Charming, eh?

Katie xxx


  1. Ah I can just imagine your wedding, "do you Topshop Guy take her Sh*t face to be your wife" hahaha!

    Awesome present though. Brownie Points for Tom x

    1. I have been snort-laughing about that idea all day now. Need to get married asap!! xx

  2. Replies
    1. It's amazing isn't it? I'm so excited about wearing it- hurry up Saturday! x

  3. Ha ha , brilliant t-shirt Katie!!! I remember for my 22nd birthday, my ex-boyfriend bought me an inflatable T-rex! It was about a metre tall and totally cool! (I had hinted over it for ages!) It's now in the Year 2 classroom as they were studying dinosaurs!x

    1. That sounds like an amazing present! Glad to hear it's now working it's educational and inflatable magic on little dinosaur-loving minds :) xx

  4. That shirt is amazing! And the recipe on the tag?!? I love it!

  5. I'm scared of dinosaurs (watched Jurassic Park too young, I dunno?! lol) but can appreciate how awesome this tee is! I like Tee and Cake stuff.