10 April 2013

Smiley Things

My week certainly hasn't had the best start, but I'm determined to keep smiling regardless because:
1. The world is full of excellent things and 
2. According to 50% of the internet* it takes more muscles to smile than frown; which means I'll burn off all those Easter eggs quicker. 

My calorie-burning grin has been firmly fixed in place for the majority of the past two weeks** thanks to some rather pleasant surprises. 

Firstly, super sweet Anna from The Dusty Attic sent me a surprise birthday card and the most adorable little handmade brooch. It was so unbelievably lovely to receive something handmade and unexpected :) Thank you Anna! 

Then, my fabulous sister-in-law (the happy recipient of the pregnancy-approved gin) sent me an exciting mystery parcel which turned out to contain dinosaur stuff (yippee!) and a fantastically rainbow bright doormat, which is now gracing our porch and cheering up even the greyest of days (you're welcome, Mr Postman). And today I found said doormat adorned with an issue of Homemaker magazine (I signed up to receive 3 issues for £5 - rather bargainous, seeing as one issue is £4.99!) 

I've also been enjoying...

Eating pasta that looks like tentacles (and you all know what a big fan I am of cephlapods)

And writing Thank You notes on dinosaur-printed stationery.


I've got lots of exciting crafty things coming up that I want to share with you (including another tutorial, as I had so much fun making my Aztec Pillowcase) so keep your peepers peeled later in the week. And I'm almost ready to start sharing some photos for a house tour! Once I've summoned the will to vacuum and dug some Playmobile out of the loft, anyway...

Katie xxx

* The other 50% of the internet says frowning takes more muscles. Pessimists. 

** Except for the bit involving The Pigeon. But we shan't talk about him any longer.


  1. How did I miss the non alcoholic gin?! Oh my God!

    1. It seemed too good to be true! I have yet to hear the verdict from SIL- although I imagine she's been too busy doing a pretend gin dance of celebration to text me. x

  2. Hey! Something will be coming your way soon but I am disorganised and in Northumberland!!!
    How cool to receive a funky doormat and handmade items!!! yay for extended birthdays!x

    1. I'm very excited- and you don't need to apologise for being disorganised. Most days I'm as scatty as they come. Our friends have just announced they're cooking me a birthday dinner next Sunday too- I think that'll make three weeks of birthday!! Haha xx

  3. It was completely unexpected tho cos I had to ask for your address haha! But I am glad that you liked it :) x

    1. It honestly was unexpected- I hadn't even thought it was going to be a birthday card! :) xx