21 March 2013

Slice of life

Hello lovelies! 

Happy Friday Eve! The weekend's so close I can almost taste it (my weekends taste like pancakes. Lots and lots of pancakes).

This is the second instalment of my series looking at the beautiful things I was sent by DotComGiftShop (for those of you who missed my first review, or want another look at the World's Cutest Crocodile, you can read about him here). 

Obviously, I squealed with a great deal of clichéd girlish excitement when my DotComGiftShop parcel arrived because, well, anything free is better than nothing free (especially when I've basically been sent free things as a reward for spending hours choosing the abs-iest picture of Joe Manganiello to illustrate my point about, well, erm.... something important) and lovely free things are the nicest of all. Or so I thought (dun dun duuuuuuunnnnnnn*!)

Cup of tea.

Turns out, there IS something even nicer than lovely free things. And that is lovely, free, functional things that I actually need. I've needed (NEEDED. Not wanted) a cake slice for the length of my entire life. Which is a super long time. Because I like to pretend my life is an amalgamation of a Cath Kidston catalogue, Country Living magazine, and erm... a world where it's socially acceptable to dance at the bus stop. And serving slices of homemade cake with an old-and-slightly-melted plastic spatula doesn't fit AT ALL with the rest of my chintzy life. It's embarrassing. More embarrassing than people catching you rocking out at the bus stop. 

So, when I unwrapped this gorgeous Regency Cake Slice I did a celebratory dance worthy of any bus stop. No longer do I have to dish up my desserts hidden in the kitchen- I can serve them proudly at the table. 

This slice is the perfect slice for an acceptable "normal" wedge of cake. It's been mentioned by guests that "Tom and Katie Portion Sizes" are slightly above the norm. In our defence, they have to be; our one House Rule is no guest can leave without feeling ever-so-slightly-uncomfortably full. I know. We're monsters.

The cake slice is really pretty with Beauty-and-the-Beast-esque embossed roses along the handle, and nice and comfortable to hold (very important for a house where "No thanks, I don't want seconds" is a swearword**). You can grab one for yourself here

Katie xxx

*I had to put ominous music here because I couldn't think of the nice equivalent. What's the opposite of Scary Horror Film music?!

** Ok, it's a sentence- but we don't like nitpicking in this house, either- so watch it!


  1. Hey Katie! How fab, a cake slicer! I usually just use a regular butter knife (because it then crumbles and you have the opportunity to look helpful 'clearing up the debris' but secretly securing yourself more cake!!!!)x