5 February 2013

Three Things Tuesday

Hello lovelies

How are you doing?

Here are a few things that are currently making me grin:

1. Egg helter skelters

[image source]

Because they remind me of this scene from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (aka The Best Way To Make Breakfast, Ever). 

Side note: Re-watching this as an adult, I've realised Mr Potts' singing about how much he loves his kids might've sounded more believable if he hadn't left loads of broken china on the floor for them to step on!

2. Appalling written romantic scenes
I've been fuelling my new found love of bodice-ripping mystery-solving ridiculousness with cheap-as-chips e-books from Amazon. After reading this scene (where the chiselled-from-marble, brooding hero "deflowers" the beautiful-without-her-glasses heroine) I've realised there might be a reason these books cost less than a sandwich...

SERIOUSLY?! Name me ONE WOMAN who has issues with the fact she basically looks like the birth child of Marilyn Monroe and Jessica Rabbit*! I'm kidding of course- I'm sure there are hundreds of women who spend hours lamenting the lengthiness of their legs and smallness of their waist, wishing they looked like a zorbing ball balanced on two buckets. Poor lambs. 

3. Dreaming up the perfect dinner
Tom and I don't plan our dinners days in advance because we love planning them out together during the day (seriously. We text each other 5 times a day whilst at work, just talking about melted cheese vs gravy). We tend to eat leftovers from our dinner for the next day's lunch, so we don't waste anything, but sometimes end up with a fridge full of odds and ends that need using up; and I get a real kick out of dreaming up something tasty from what appears to be the weirdest combination of foodstuff known to (wo)man. 

Tonight we combined leftover roast potatoes from Sunday lunch, a crumbly bit of feta cheese, mushrooms, peppers, broccoli, and past-it's-best cheddar, plus a few store-cupboard staples, to whip up a patatas bravas/baked egg hybrid dinner. In addition to a delicious dinner, we've gained a wonderfully empty fridge, ready to be filled with a whole new host of goodies. Hurrah!

 I definitely need to work on my food styling; it was much more delicious then it looks, promise!
Katie xxx

*What? That's totally possible. Sort of. Ish.


  1. If you want some truly hilarious/borderline terrifying sex scenes, may I point you in the direction of fan fiction? There is a Bella/Jacob in Wolf form tryst which I fear I will never be able to sear from my brain...

    1. Thank you for the scary sex scene tip! :) Although (rather hypocritical literary snob that I am) Twilight fan fiction scares the crap out of me- I personally found Twilight to be so badly written I can't imagine it's fans are very good writers either :s 50 shades is a case in point- that was originally Twilight fan fiction, apparently.

  2. Hi Katie, I have just nominated you for a Leibster Award! xxx

    1. That's so sweet of you! Your 11 facts about you were absolutely fascinating- I'd love to hear more about all the places you've lived and looking after a prince (unless you've been sworn to secrecy about that? :p) xxx

  3. Ha ha!!! I TOTALLY love the breakfast scene from CCBB!!!!! Totally cool! (and I totally love Truly Scrumptious's outfits! Honestly, the only reason I own fake plait headbands is because I wanted to recreate her look in the film!)x

    1. I just remember being in awe of children whose breakfast was brought to them by train! :p

  4. Have you tried this before http://www.bigoven.com/recipes/leftover? You can put your leftover ingredients in and it recommends recipes!

    Might remove that lovely part of your relationship though where you both decide what to make :)

    Claire x

    1. Ooh no I haven't- thank you for the tip :) We certainly do enjoy conjuring up weird and wonderful dinners; but it's always good to have back-up plans for days where we seem to have used up our imagination! xx