24 February 2013

20,000 Pageviews Giveaway

**** This competition is now closed ****

Hello lovelies

First of all, I want to say a huge Thank You to all of you who keep popping back to read my latest ramblings about rainbow cakes and narwhals (they're the Unicorns of the Sea, people!), and also thank my newer followers who've come to join in the (tea) party :) So...

I can't believe how quickly I've reached this milestone, given that it took me over a year to reach 10,000 pageviews by December 2012. It's so lovely to know the readership of my blog is spreading, and very funny to see the Google searches that are been pointing people toward my blog, including:

I like to think I'd keep writing this blog even if no-one read it except the belly-fat-tips-free-ipad-casino-money spambots, but I'm so incredibly grateful that I do have followers. And such lovely ones too, with really nice hair :) It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside; like I've swallowed Sulley from Monsters Inc.

I want to pass on that warm and fuzzy feeling, so I'm running another giveaway as a thank you to all my readers! This time, the prize is an item of the winners choice from those listed in my Etsy shop, plus a few other little bits and pieces that will remain a surprise. 

Do you want this? You could have this.

For a chance to win, just leave me a comment below with your favourite joke. Or your favourite item from my Etsy shop, if you can't think of a joke. 

Need this in your life? Let me know. 

For additional entries to the giveaway you can:

1. Tweet about it:

I've just entered @teaandcaketime's giveaway to win free stuff. Hurrah! http://hooklineandsinkher2.blogspot.co.uk 

2. Mention this giveaway on your blog 
Don't forget to include a link :)

Please leave one comment per entry option completed, so I can include it in the random generator to pick the winner! Thank you :)

This competition will close on Sunday 10 March at 6pmGood luck!

Katie xxx


  1. My favourite joke is:

    Knock, knock
    Who's there?
    Egbert who?
    Eggbert, no bacon

    Totally ties in with my meat free February!

  2. Two birds sat on a telephone wire, one turns to the other and says " those long words don't half tickle your feet" lol

    I adore your owl plate :)
    Kathy x

  3. One to remember for Easter... What do you get it you pour boiling water down a rabbit hole? Hot cross bunnies!


  4. A man walks into a bar....ow.

    I love your octopus plate!

    Have tweeted too


  5. Four fonts walk into a bar. The barman says: "Oi - get out. We don't want your type in here!

    I love your store! X

  6. What do you call a cake that goes real fast?


    Hahahaha! I love a cake related joke :-)

    Congrats on the super duper page views. Very well deserved indeed.

    Claire x

  7. Why does Snoop Dogg carry an umbrella?

    Fo' drizzle


  8. Congratulations!! You deserve it, yours is one of my favourite blog reads =)

    My favourite thing in your shop right now has to be the Owl side plate. It's too cute!!

    Here is my favourite joke:

    2 monkeys are sitting in a bath.
    One says "Ooo ooo aahhh ahhh ahhh"
    The other says "Well put some cold in then!".

    Hilarious xx

  9. Congratulations! I'm so bad at jokes... I always ruin the punch lines haha.

    So my favourite item in your shop is the blue octopus mug!

  10. Wow, congratulations! I love your search-terms! Scarily, one of my most popular ones is 'Julia Stiles in the bath'- whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaT????????????????????????????x
    Please can I enter! I love the Dinosnore best!x

  11. My fave joke at the moment is:
    What's the difference between a fish and a piano?
    You can't tune a fish! (Tuna fish - get it?! Oh dear, I'm sorry..)
    Love the octopus mug!!

  12. And I've just tweeted about it!

  13. Hello there, thnak you for following my blog! Just having a nosey through yours now :) I'm intrigued - how do you find the google keywords for your blog? x

  14. I love the purple Octopus mug. Congrats on the pageviews again!

  15. Congratulations. Nice to know that people appreciate your musings and words of wisdom. I love the Giveaway - fingers crossed!

  16. I done a tweet about this, I did! I like the octopus side plate the best but I also like all of them the best.

    As for a joke, I'm hopeless at remembering the really good ones so one of the most recent I heard was....
    What do you call a pirate that does kung fu?

    A ninjaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrgggghhhhh

    Works better out loud actually.