25 January 2013

When Crafts Get Ugly

Hello lovelies!

It's Friiiiiiidddaaaaaaayyyyyy. Let's all just have a little smiley dancey moment for Friday. 

I want to have a little sharing session today which will hopefully make you smile. It's an unnecessarily honest post because (with the exception of those people who witnessed these failures who have already been threatened with a cake ban sworn to secrecy) no-one on the internet knew I had failed at these things and I could've just kept schtum. 

But then I thought- No, Katie. No. Share your failings with the world to make them grin and to break the last taboo, which is to show that craft projects do not always end in glittery, button-covered, wonderfully-iced perfection- despite what Pinterest tells you! 

So, here goes nothing- two of my recent crafty failings to feast your lovely eyes upon! 

First things first, I mentioned earlier in January that I was planning to trial my own version of Color Me Katie's rainbow flowers. I did everything I had to do, which wasn't exactly much; putting food dye in jars (the same dye I used to make my purplecakes) then sticking the flowers in. I waited, and I waited. I went to bed (at night time, not with craft-fail related depression), woke up in the morning and literally RAN down the stairs like it was Christmas to see what had happened to the flowers. The answer? Nothing. 

Well, actually- that's not quite fair on this little guy. I've had the flowers in the food dye since last Sunday, and this is STILL the only flower with any colour to it. I think the other flowers must be fasting or something, or perhaps allergic to e numbers.... 

Ready for craft fail number 2? This one is definitely more impressively rubbish. Ages ago the lovely Ms Swaine popped over for an evening of fabric-sharing, tea-drinking and gossiping about mutual friends (only kidding, guys- we just talked about Made In Chelsea for four hours). Fran blogged about her productive evening (you might've recognised me in one of her photos) and I was planning on doing the same until I made what turned out to be felt roadkill. 

My idea was to make a beautiful little fox plushie that looked something like this: 

But what I actually ended up with was this:


Just look at that special little face!
Special Fox is still alive(ish) and well- I use him as a spare needle holder (Way to kick a fox when he's down, right?! Spearing him in the face with a needle!) and as a reminder that sometimes things don't work out quite right (but can still have hilariously wonky button faces).

Have you had any spectacular craft fails you don't mind sharing? 

Katie xxx


  1. SPecial Fox looks startled more than anything else- probably because his nose seems faded- I think he's very cute!!!
    Re the flower experiment- that experiment always makes me cringe because my very first KS1 class as a student were a Year 2 class and their teacher had done that experiment with them (it worked well). the first time she left me alone with them, she had to come and rescue me five minutes later as somehow, the entire experiment table managed to be knocked over 4 children, completely colouring them in food dye!!! I was mortified!x

    1. I didn't really make much of an effort with the nose- once I realised he was turning into a Disaster all "trying" basically went out of the window :p
      Oh dear! That sounds like a rather traumatic experience! I'm sure the parents were secretly quite happy about it- there aren't many people who can brag they have purple children! x

  2. I love your fox! He's unique!
    I'm having 2 craft fails at the mo. A dresser that I'm painting in milk paint is looking incredibly distressed! And my patchwork quilt will take five years as I need to cut out 600 small squares... should've gone for a bigger square! Doh!x

    1. I'm sure your dresser will look brilliant- the before- and mid-makeover shots you shared today looked great! 600 squares?! That sounds like quite a mission! Mine had 72 and still seemed to take forever!! Good luck with it :) x

  3. DUDE! Special fox made G and I laugh a lot (I'm sorry). He is totally worthy of being featured on Craft Fail - have you seen that site?

    I'm glad you shared - I've definitely had some dodgy craft attempts!

    Claire x

    1. Just realised I sounded really rude in my comment! I think what I meant is that you're usually so awesome at craft stuff that it made me laugh you called him special fox ;-)

    2. :) You didn't sound rude at all! I shared Special Fox specifically for the giggle factor- I do know craft fail and think he'd be a very worthy submission haha :p xx

  4. I love that you shared this! I really should photograph some of my craft fails... it's mainly horrible stitching when my sewing machine goes berserk!

    1. Mine does that sometimes- just throws these massive tantrums for no reason. I tend to put it back in the cupboard for a few days to calm down- seems to work :)