29 January 2013

Three Things Tuesday

S'up homies!

Are you having a good week? Mine has been tip top so far, for the three reasons mentioned below...

1. Surprisosaur
My working day got a whole lot better after a colleague gave me a completely unexpected dinosaur-shaped present! Eeep! 

He is my new desk mascot, and I have named him Garibaldi, because he reminds me of the illustration that accompanied one of my favourite childhood poems about a dragon who lived in a biscuit tin and ate garibaldi biscuits all day. No prizes for guessing why it was one of my favourites! (Side note- one of my other favourite poems is "When We Had Icecream" by Michael Rosen. Again, unsurprisingly, pudding related). 

I decided Garibaldi needed fancying-up a bit (there's nothing quite so dapper as a well dressed dinosaur, don't you know!), and this is what I came up with: 

Fancy pants party-time dinosaur. Fancy, eh?

2. Cartoon bags a-go-go
After seeing the lovely Kezzie sporting the most amazing bag I have ever seen in the history of my eyes seeing things yesterday, I knew I simply HAD to have one. Yes; it was very much a Veruca Salt moment, but with slightly less singing. Now I just have to narrow down my favourites of these mind-bending bags and pick the one I want to buy. *Sigh* Life is hard. 

I decided to pop into the Steamer Trading Outlet shop near my house on the way home (the main reason I wanted to buy this house, to be honest :p) and spent ages rummaging through all the wonky salt mills and lidless Le Creuset pans to find some pretty random crap totally essential kitchenware that I didn't know how we'd functioned without before (I'm looking at you, avocado masher). 

In the end, all I bought was a Christmas tree cookie cutter (obviously) and some saucers. But these were no ordinary saucers. They were in the "everything is 10p" section, so buying 6 mix and matched ones only cost me 60p (Mathtastic, eh? I'm like Carol Vorderman. But with a less nice bum). When I got them home, I peeled off reduced sticker after reduced sticker until I got to the original price stickers. The total RRP for those six saucers? TWENTY FOUR ENGLISH POUNDS. 

I would put a picture of the saucers here, but they are just normal white saucers. Nothing exciting. So, here's a picture of a kitten in a teacup instead.

Katie xxx

P.S. Seriously- SIXTY PEE! *pinches self*


  1. The bags and kitties are so cute!

  2. I recently just came across those bags online! They're so cool looking. I love them!

    That's a great deal for those saucers! And I love the kitty!!

  3. Garibaldi is awesome, he looks very slick in his Will I Am inspired bow-tie. Those bags are mental, kind of remind me of the Powerpuff girls for some reason.

  4. Hey! "I want the world, I want the whole world! I want to lock it all up in my pocket, it's my bar of choc'late. Give it to me NOOOOOOOW!" (I'm presuming that's what you meant by that!) Aha, so you beat me to it, sending you a link, you explored yourself! Yes, they are amazing! I saw one on Florrie's blog ages ago and I was like, "I WANT ONE!". I dropped seriously subtle but effective hints before Christmas to my fiance's brother and he actually went to go and get me one but my mean fiance talked him out of it saying it was a gimic and I didn't need one! So I decided to buy one anyway, especially when he pulled out of our lindyhop class on Sunday! I ended up buying mine from Spitalfields- there's a seller there! I was tempted by the suitcase, but you can't put it on your shoulder so I shunned it in favour of my one! Garibaldi is very cute- I own his cousin who is a gecko in similar colouring- he's currently sitting about 2 metres away from me on a large lump of black volcanic rock. Strangely, he doesn't have a name. How sad that is! I name everything- flutes, hoovers, bags, animals and he somehow missed the christening!

  5. Your blog posts always make me snort my tea out my nose (a good thing)! I love a good bargain too, I've done a couple of blog posts about my bargains from local charity shops
    Anna x