27 January 2013

Six Things Sunday

Evenin' all

Have you had a nice weekend? Mine has been brimming with all of the ingredients needed for a blissful break- friends, family, Bananagrams, and above all (obviously) CAKE. Here are some of the things responsible for my cat-who-got-the-cream smile: 

1. Celebrating wonderful milestones with my family-in-laws
Tom's brilliant Grandad turned 90 yesterday and I felt very lucky to be included in the celebrations. And seeing him playing with his cute-as-a-button great-granddaughter totally melted my heart! 

2. Decorating with cake
Baked goods are my new favourite home accessory- although they don't last very long! (The brownies were baked by Tom's aunt for the birthday celebrations and were utterly AMAZEBALLS)

3. Surprise presents
I spent this afternoon in fits of giggles catching up with some of my oldest friends; reminiscing, playing rude-words-only Bananagrams and eating a lot of Smarties (see above... all gone now!) Jenny very sweetly bought me this beautiful compact mirror as a surprise present- to replace the broken plastic one I shared in this post. AND IT'S GOT A DEER ON IT. Win. 

4. Tom
To be honest, I could include Tom in all of my "Alliterative Number Of Things On This Day" Lists. But I don't, because that would be vomit-worthy. However,  I wanted to give him a special mention today because not only is he ruddy awesome (and an EXCELLENT maker of roast dinners) but just as I was thinking this morning that I really couldn't be bothered to do any pre-guest vacuuming, I heard him starting up the vacuum cleaner. We're, like, brain twins or something. 

Quite like this one; I think I'll keep him

5. Reading a good book
My friend Holly (another member of the Power 8) and I have started lending each other books after realising we have a joint love of several rather obscure sub-genres including bodice-ripping, crime-solving historical detective romances. It's really lovely to have someone to talk to after I've finished reading something, and I'm getting to discover some new authors I might have otherwise missed. 

6. Speakeasy Soap
After spotting this amazing idea on Pinterest the other day I've become slightly obsessed by the idea of decanting all of the liquids in our bathroom into beautiful booze bottles. Sadly, this will mean buying and drinking a lot of liqueur. The things I do for craft.... I will make sure to post pictures of the completed mission.

Katie xxx

P.S. A slightly sad note to the end of this happy list- RIP Dr Snow


  1. I have a Tom too! They are definitely worth keeping :)

  2. That sounds like a wonderful weekend! And I love the idea and look of using baked goods as decorating, but it also wouldn't last long around here...