9 December 2012

Pottery Pens Fun Time

Hello lovelies!

I hope December is treating you well :) In case you hadn't noticed, I've been feeling particularly crafty recently and whipping up all manner of Christmassy things (including candy cane, snowflake and dinosaur tree decorations, pom pom bunting, and an advent calendar) but after spotting Laura from Wrapped Up In Rainbows' fantabulous tutorial for Aztec-print mugs I knew I needed to DROP EVERYTHING AND DRAW ON POTTERY IMMEDIATELY. 

So I bought a pack of these super-easy-to-use felt-tip style pens for ceramics, grabbed some plain crockery from the kitchen, and hunted for some inspiration. I found this amazing design in the baby section at Threadless (if you've never visited the Threadless shop before you may want to hide your wallet!) which I copied onto a little sandwich plate - 

I designed this one myself, in tribute to the temporary felt-tip tattoo I sported during my Staycation with Fran in 2008. Also because octopi are awesome. 

My camera did something weird with the colours- he's turquoise in real life 

After spotting these festive beauties on etsy I decided the mugs I was drawing on also needed a festive surprise at the bottom; which would only be revealed once all of the tea mulled wine they contained had been consumed. 

For the outside of the first mug, I headed back to Threadless again and found this cutey-pie

I can't seem to settle on a design for the second mug; so I'm going to wait for inspiration to strike before firing them all in our oven to set the ink. If you've got any ideas for designs please do let me know/send me a link :)

Katie xxx


  1. Love these!! How easy are the felt tips? Wish I could draw like you though x

    1. Thank you, but I'm just a plagiarist really :) They're slightly trickier than regular felt-tips because the ink flow is a little uneven, but I still much prefer them to painting. x

  2. These are damned impressive! I've had a blank mug staring at me for a while waiting for an experiment with a sharpie or two.

    1. Cheers m'dear :) I didn't know you could do it with Sharpies until today- Fran mentioned Alice is planning to do this too. I need to stock up on a few more colours- the pack I chose didn't include a red pen, so my festive decor choices are very limited. Hope you're well! x

  3. I really love the idea of the snowflakes on the bottom of the mug. Very cute! All your designs are great too. You're very talented!