19 December 2012

Day out at Drusillas

Last week a very kind colleague (and newest blog follower- hello, Luca!) gave me two free tickets to Drusillas! The perfect combination of my favourite price and one of my favourite days out; going to the zoo

Tom and I have visited Drusilla's before; it's less than 20 minutes drive from our house and is crammed with troupes of monkeys, weird and wonderful snuffly things and clouds of bats. However, unless you've befriended someone who works  or volunteers there/found a discount code I would say it's rather overpriced; especially as they don't have any lions, tigers OR bears... 

This sad-faced little fella is a Binturong. I kid you not, they smell EXACTLY like buttered popcorn; the whole area stank like the entrance to Cineworld! Don't believe me?

This little lady reminded me of an opera-singing diva in a giant fur coat

The old double-lizard trick
Polka dots and red earrings? Seriously chic

Showing a bit o' leg

I LOVE his Poirot moustache!

Just LOOK at those eyes... beautiful. 

I don't know what was in the air on Sunday, but everywhere we looked animals were either fighting or canoodling. It was pretty hilarious to see how oblivious all of the visiting families were to the rather amorous activities some of the inhabitants were indulging in. 

Showing Batman how it's done
Adorable Public Display of Affection...
Come on guys; get a room!

 Katie xxx


  1. I want a popcorn scented pet...I mean, er wild creature. Now Daddy! *stamps foot*

  2. Oh my goodness, you got some super cute photos! I want to go there now! Our nearby zoo doesn't have at least half of those animals and reptiles.

  3. Wonderful photos! I was about to go through saying which were my favourites but it's all of them. Ok, ok, these are my top 5: ferret, ginger monkey, raccoon, parrot, poirot llama (does much crime go on at Drusilla's?). Agree about the pricing, it's very off putting which is a shame because Drusilla's is so fun! I haven't been since college when one of my friends worked there so we could go for free.