31 December 2012

Best of 2012

Hello lovelies!

I've noticed a few of my fellow bloggers writing a summary post of their experiences this year and I totally want to jump on that wagon because my 2012 has been awesome (good luck, 2013!). Nothing particularly life-changing has happened, with the possible exception of my new job, but I think I've laughed a lot more this year than I did last year- and that's definitely the trajectory I want for my laughter graph. 

After testing out a lot of fonts for my graph title, "laughter" no longer looks like a real word.
I also like an excuse to make a list, especially if I can categorise things, so here's my list of my highlights from 2012. 

Awesome people
Despite seeing in 2012 in Venice, Tom and I agree that our best holiday this year was our summery week of messing about in boats up in Norfolk with some of our favourite people (I call us "the Power 8", despite continual protests from the others to not do so!). We played board games, drank too much, and made rather shame-faced, clinking trips to the nearest bottle bank. Good times were had by all, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for another group holiday this year, with even more ridiculous hats. 

Getting my DIY on
Between my rediscovery of fabric pens to my recent discovery of porcelain pens, there is now nothing in our house that is safe from my crafty clutches. I've upcycled furniture (including a chest of drawers, dresser, and footstool), decorated our pillowcases, and fancied up our crockery. My NY Resolution for 2011 was to have a crafted thing in every room of our house, and I think I've nearly achieved it, with only got the bathroom to go. Ooh, I wonder if porcelain pens would work on the toilet?! Is that weird?

Decorating our house: 
After nearly two and a half years in our cute little house, we've nearly finished the decorating (HURRAH!). I've never previously been bothered about hanging art or photos on the walls of wherever I've lived, but after realising how much more homely and personal it makes our house look, I've been framing anything that's flat enough to fit. Tea-towels, playing cards, bits of fabric, and cross-stitched samplers have failed to escape my framing sprees, and I'm really enjoying building up our gallery wall in the hallway. 

With the end of painting in sight I'm really looking forward to sharing some room tours with you all next year :) I also plan to continue crafting as much as I possibly can (and as much as Tom will allow... I have a feeling making a mirror ball for the bathroom might be pushing it one step too far. Booo) and sharing my crafting successes (and failures) with you all. 

It felt fantastic to reach the milestone of 10,000 page views this year and, whilst pageviews really aren't what blogging is all about, it's certainly inspired me to dedicate more time to my blog next year. Thank you, again, all of you that have visited and left me such kind comments (especially you, Anonymous- you say such lovely things before promoting your weight-loss-and-gambling-tips website). So, you can expect to see many more thought-provoking, philosophical discussions about chocolate pie and Keanu Reeves uploaded here during 2013. I do hope you'll pop back and say hello!

Which one is more delicious?! It's like Sophie's Choice!!
Wishing you all a truly fantastic 2013!

Katie xxx


  1. The custard cream stool is LEGENDARY! Love it! Wishing you and yours a very happy 2013! X (isn't it funny how any word looks completely wrong when you've seen it in 20 odd fonts?)

  2. Happy new year! You always make me laugh- I TOTALLY know what you mean about words not seeming real anymore!

  3. Happy New Year!! I loved all your DIY posts! xox