4 November 2012

The future Mr & Mrs Metal

Last night we went to our friends' engagement party to celebrate their impending metal-tastic matrimony. Abbey (aka Doll Doll Dolly) and Dan found each other through their love of metal music and gorey horror films; it's lovely to see they're so in tune with each other :) 

The Happy Couple last night. Stole this photo from Fran (sorry, Fran!) 

I decided to make an engagement card tailored specifically to them rather than buy one, and this is what I came up with;

Weirdly, Abbey told me last night she's actually planning to get an engagement tattoo on her finger instead of a ring- a blue diamond. Which is not only what I drew on the card, but also what I've always wanted to get too! Will have to go back to the drawing board for mine- but perhaps just as well as my parents would literally disown me if I ever got a tattoo (booo). 

I realised after making the card I'd unfortunately run out of any envelopes that would've been big enough for it. I had to make one from something and eventually settled on page 3 of The Sun we had lying around (bought to make papier-mâché horns- not for reading!) because nothing says Wishing You Both A Life of Wedded Bliss like Sam's 28-year-old boobs and a quote from "her" saying she's pro nuclear weapons testing.... 

Katie xxx


  1. I am searching out for Sam, 28 - Manchester's TED speech on the future of nuclear arms and the affect on global stability. Apparently it was absolutely terrifying. According to her Wikipedia page she adopted her hawkish stance when her Dad used to place her in front of reruns of George Bush senior's speeches on 'A New World Order' which were taped on VHS in between the films 'War Games' and 'Threads'.

    Dan x

  2. LOVE THIS!! Having added Abbey via the crafts on twitter in Brighton, I soon discover they were the previous tennants in my flat. How weirddd! The best engagement story! xx