4 November 2012

Six Things Sunday

Hello lovelies

I've had a couple of bad things happen over the last few days, and feel like I need to make a list of some awesome stuff to get myself fully back to happy again. 

Don't get me wrong; I'm aware my troubles are insignificant dots compared to post-Sandy fallout/children starving - but they've still been a bit pants and in one instance left me feeling slightly shaken and tearful for a rather disproportionate amount of time (I hit a parked car last night as I was pulling out of a space- cue horrible metal scraping sound and me going into nauseated panic mode. I'm trying to get some perspective though as it was an accident, and it wasn't a child.)

So, time for some cheery news;

1. I found this story today via Twitter and I think it's absolutely inspiring. Plus there's a photograph of some really cute kids to illustrate the article. 

2. The advert Kevin Bacon filmed in my cute little town is now live. The ACTUAL Kevin Bacon. Very sad I didn't bump into him and get to tell him how much I love Footloose. And Tremors, obviously. OH MY WORD... I've just discovered they made TREMORS 2, 3 AND 4. There'd better be a box-set of those out there somewhere on the internet. 

3. This tweet from comedian Sarah Millican

4. Getting excited about Christmas crafts. Particularly about making an advent calendar like this:

5. This week I'll be posting off my international sweetie swap gifts to Jen. Very excited to see if she likes the things I've chosen! 

6. I'm still unbelievably excited that I won the hello DODO first birthday giveaway! Ali and Jam sent me a lovely email and after having a snoop around their etsy shop I've now chosen my four(!!) prizes. I can't wait for them to turn up and will, of course, show you all when they do :) Eep!

Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend. 

Katie xxx


  1. I love Sarah McMillan! And Kevin Bacon!
    Chin up buttercup, hope you're feeling better soon. x

    1. Thank you lovely- feeling a bit better now as the lady whose car I hit has said she's not bothered about the bump (phew!) and I'm currently watching Mad Men and eating cupcakes :) x

  2. Ah, cupcakes cure everything! Things could always be worse. I have head lice for the first time at the age of 42!
    Love the advent calendar. I have a similar one from Laura Ashley that thoroughly disappoints my daughter every year as she really wants a poundland Hello Kitty one filled with skanky fake chocolate.

    1. Oh no! Headlice are horrible! Hope you've managed to get rid of the itchy little critters.

      Bless your daughter; although I imagine Hello Kitty and low-cocoa high-sugar "chocolate" is the Christmas Dream of most little girls :)

  3. International sweet swap? That sounds amazing, sorry I missed that. My new favourite thing is caramel koalas from Australia, basically like caramel Freddos, but cooler. Mind you, the UK has the best sweeties I reckon, very dubious about some American candy.

    I've hit a parked car before, with the kids in my car. It was horrible, the glare off the early morning sun and a just defrosted window completely blinded me. Luckily I didn't do any damage but the kids gave me grief for ages.

    1. You haven't missed out on anything official- I just asked Jen if she'd like to post me some awesome sounding Canadian tea. If other people want to take part, perhaps I'll order a proper swap sometime soon :)

      I was really relieved yesterday because the woman text me to say "no harm done- don't worry about it". But then she text today saying "I checked the wrong car- pay for it please". Dammit! So cross at myself that something which took 10 seconds will probably cost almost two weeks' wages. Oh well- I'm sure a bag full of hideously sugary American candy will cheer me up!

    2. Oh Fuck, how many cars does she have?? Sorry to hear that :(

  4. That tweet is brilliant!

    I want to make an advent calendar but I can't find the time between everything else! :(