4 September 2012

Party Tricks

Hello m'dears!

I hope you're all having a wonderful week. 

This post has been inspired by a conversation about "party tricks" that took place on my recent holiday to Norfolk, and a subsequent sharing on twitter. I've always considered myself to be a rather party-trick-free person; partly due to focusing on the things I can't do (roll my tongue, roll my "r"s, hula-hoop... basically anything involving rolling), and partly because I think for a lot of people their "party trick" is something so normal to them that they don't consider it to be anything that others would get excited about. 

As I thought about it more (and my lovely friends gave their suggestions about "that weird thing you do with...") I discovered I actually have several "party tricks"; but had never realised they were trick-worthy! 

Introducing my party tricks. Admittedly not quite Magician-worthy, and I doubt I'll be getting a call from Mr Ripley any time soon, but they're the best I got! 

1. Eating food with just a fork*
I thought this was a relatively normal thing to do- I mean, I'm using a utensil; it's not like I eat everything with a mayonnaise jar lid or a plastic shark! - but the fact that I never, ever use a knife seems to blow people's minds. Tom actually admitted the other day he's secretly been trying to cook more and more un-fork-friendly food to see if I'll use a knife. I refuse to cave, dammit! 

Photographic evidence of the one time I've used a knife in the last billion years- Fran took this because she wanted to remember the moment forever. In my defence, I *had* to, because we were in grown-up company and the broccoli was undercooked. Stupid broccoli.

2. Shooing flies
Tom actually calls me "The Fly Whisperer" because whenever flies come into the house, I only have to point at an open window and they leave. Sometimes I don't even point, I just say "out"....

Disclaimer: This only works with regular flies. Not mosquitoes, moths, or other winged things. 

3. My "pigeon sense"
In a full embodiment of gender clich√©, I am utterly hopeless at reading maps. I know how they work, but I just can't do it. However, once I've physically been someone once, I know how to find my way back. 

I jokingly call this my "pigeon sense", because my Granddad breeds racing pigeons who are able to do a similar thing. HOLY SH*T- I've just thought; maybe he secretly trained me to be the world's first Human Racing Pigeon?!? DUN DUN DUN.

4. Halving stonefruits with my hands
To be honest, I wasn't sure this one should count. I assumed other people did it too (it's not particularly difficult, once you've figured it out) but when I showed it to Fran it seemed to blow her mind. So, here goes- fourth and final trick; I can tear stonefruit (peaches, nectarines, apricots, blah blah) in half with my bare hands! I know, right? Where ISN'T that going to come in useful?!

If you're struggling to think of the things you can do that other people might consider a party trick (or just want a reminder of how damn talented you are!) I'd recommend a peep at this book, and spin-off tumblr - "You Are Good At Things". 

So... what are your party tricks? Please do share! 

*Except for soup and stuff where you need a spoon. That'd just be weird. 


  1. Love your weird party tricks!

    I can fold the end of my tongue over. Sounds a bit crap, but I can take the tip and fold it back in towards my throat whilst it is stuck out. I've never met anyone else who can do it!


    Claire x

    1. I'd go for brilliant over gross!

      Unique tricks are definitely the best ones; and ones involving body parts are trickier to learn/teach (unlike the peach thing)so it's something truly special to you :)

      Thanks for sharing!

      Katie xx

  2. You're a proper freaky genius!

    I can touch my nose with my tongue and bend the top joint of my fingers while keeping the second straight (a demonstration is better in order to explain this one).

    I can also read minds AND fly*

    Moll x

    *I can do neither of these things.

    1. I can touch my nose with my tongue too- but not in a cool way; more in a toddler-licking-snot-off-their-upper-lip sort of way. Therefore I don't do it in public :p

      Fran's your party trick buddy with the finger-joint thing, so I know what you mean!

      Thanks for sharing :)


      P.S. I know you're double-bluffing about being able to fly. Which you probably already knew from reading my mind.