30 June 2012

Flowery Prose

It seems like, after last week's wintery weather, summer has finally crept back into our garden - like the garden of Oscar Wilde's selfish giant, only without the religious symbolism. There seem to be new flowers popping up everywhere, and our raspberry and strawberry plants are suddenly filled with ruby red morsels of goodness- taking me completely by surprise; which is why the Eating Berries for Breakfast score is currently Woodlice - 42 Katie - 18. I clearly need to bring my berry-pickin' A-game this summer. 

Somewhat ironically, my favourite thing about having flowers in the garden is picking them to fill vases, jugs and bottles to put in our house. I certainly don't have a natural eye for floristry, but they say practice makes perfect- and luckily for me I have a fair few flowers left to practice with before I've picked them all!

But what to do when over-zealous flower-picking and/or autumn means there are no flowers left for me to put in the house? As you've probably guessed by now, I'm not a fan of spending money on things I consider expensive, and flowers cost loads of money and then die. 

Until recently, I wouldn't have counted myself as a fan of fake flowers; thinking my only option for faux blooms would be the polyester ones that seem to be gathering dust in retirement homes across the country. But I loved the idea of having pretty posies in my house all year round... and then I discovered these beauties!

The tutorial and pattern for these stunning paper flowers can be found here. It looks quite time-consuming, but certainly not difficult. The perfect in-front-of-the-TV craft, I reckon!

How do you feel about displaying flowers in your home? If you display them, do you prefer real or fake flowers?

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