2 December 2011

Lovely Letters, Beautiful Bedding, and Muffin-Top Ribs

This week I indulged in some retail therapy, followed by guilt- as I'm soon to be Officially Unemployed and therefore shouldn't be splurging on frippery. However, this instance certainly wasn't frivolous spending because owning a pillowcase with a squirrel printed on it is a basic human right. Right? Same goes for one with an ampersand on it. Hopefully the printing ink H&M used isn't toxic- as we'll probably have to eat them both in January when we can no longer afford food.  

Alongside the pillowcases, I bought a new skirt for work-like situations/job interviews/a lovely wintery polycotton stew. I've always found clothes shopping online a bit risky, thanks to my oddly proportioned body, and unfortunately this time was a fail. The skirt waistband is skin-tight to my waist, and therefore makes my giant ribcage look like a muffin top. And by that I do not mean delicious and full of chocolate chips. I mean the rib equivalent of the hip bulges that overhang too-tight jeans. Observe:

Artist's Impression*
*Disclaimer- not drawn by an Artist.

Muffin-top Ribs. The ultimate Outrageous Food. 

Exciting discoveries this week include: 

This excellent and intriguing sign in Aldi: 

A Surprise for 66p? Who could say 'No'?!

Which reminds me of another potentially exciting sign I spotted on a plant at Homebase last weekend- 

Sounds scarily like "Don't feed after midnight" to me.

I've also discovered these amazing tiles by Rory Dobner. The alphabet tiles show each letter entwined with Dobner's intricate illustrations of anthropomorphic creatures and steampunk trinkets, whilst the numerical tiles play on phrases associated with each number- i.e. the Seven Seas, below.

Today I managed to finish two different crafted Christmas presents from my list. I really want to post pictures but I've decided to wait just in case the intended recipients look at my blog between now and Christmas. Very happy with the finished quality of both though- my sewing skills normally leave a lot to be desired! 

And finally, this evening Tom and I watched Catch .44 - which I thought was pretty good in itself, partly because it has Bruce Willis and Deborah Ann Woll (better known to me as 'Jessica' in True Blood) in it, but mostly because they shamelessly plugged the cassette tape Willis recorded in 1987. My parents own that cassette, which I listened to continuously throughout my late teens because Willis covered songs made famous by James Brown and the Drifters- the favourite band of 12-year-old me. I'd still listen to it now if I had a cassette player.  

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  1. Those tiles! Wow. On my xmas list for sure. Also, I had no idea H&M did bedclothes etc so I've just spent a good half an hour squawking over all their stuff! xx