19 October 2011


The creation of this teapot combined three of my favourite things; tea, Pop Art, and spending time with Fran. Paint Pots, our local pottery painting cafe, has these amazing ceramic skulls to paint- which lured us in one Saturday morning. Fran was all over them like the skull-enthusiast she is, but I decided to go for a teapot instead because I am boring and practical. And because I did not own a teapot, which is just WRONG. 
I’ve always been a huge fan of Lichtenstein’s work. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve copied 'Wham!' onto books, cards, and walls... I painted ‘Varoom!’ onto the lid, and his ‘Cup and Saucer’ onto the other side. 
I’m really not so good at the whole ‘painting’ thing, but I was pretty pleased with this overall. And tea tastes all the sweeter when it’s brewed in something you poured such effort into. 
I think I forgot to mention before, but I love puns more than I love Hugh Jackman. Seriously. 

Here it is below with some actual tea in it. I made the cupcake in the picture too- the topping is edible Lego. Yes, that's right- EDIBLE LEGO. I bought it from Dylan's Candy Bar when Fran and I went to New York.

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