19 October 2011

Rob Ryan Cushion

After spotting a Rob Ryan style cushion cover in my local patchwork shop I decided to give my own version a go. It took a little while to make because I decided to hand stitch it, and because I couldn’t decide on a design for the back of the cushion. It seemed a waste to have a plain back to it, so I went for a Squirrel- my best friend Fran's nickname for me. I made it out of felt so it's nice and cosy for snuggling up with in the winter, and blanket-stitched the edges to add to the home-made look.

1 comment:

  1. I love this! My husband's nickname (one of many) for me is Kezzie-Squirrel too! If you wonder why I am lurking in the past, I was bored whilst eating my dinner, having read all current blog posts of peeps and suddenly thought, I've never looked at your archive of the early blog days! It's something I like to do with my favourite bloggers! Now get on publish something new to entertain me further!x