19 October 2011

Pop Art Tins

I’ve always been a big fan of cake, and my favourite way to get cake is by baking it.  I decided I wanted some pretty tins to put them in- more for display purposes than actual storage, as cake never lasts long enough in our house to get cold, let alone stale!
I was going to go and buy some tins, but then I remembered we had a cupboard full of tins left over from Christmas chocolates, so I decided to paint my own. A quick dash down to B&Q for enamel paint sample pots, and I was ready to go.
I took my inspiration for this one from Emma Bridgewater’s Union Jack range. The painting is totally rubbish on this one, but I counted it as a practice run. If we run out of tins, I’ll just have to eat more Quality Street. *Sigh*

For my second attempt, I spray-painted the tin with enamel paint and added the design in marker pen. This is my version of a Lichtenstein babe. "Brad" is the man who featured heavily in his work- this was before Brad Pitt. 

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