14 June 2016

Happiness is...

... Rounding up your friends in the park 
For a spontaneous picnic and game of rounders. One round robin text of "Grab a blanket, a bag of crisps, and a bottle of suncream*", and there we were running around the park like dogs let off their leashes. It was all fun and literal games until I full-on collided with one of them (we both dodged the same way while running at full speed. It was NOT pretty). Then it got serious for a minute because they thought I was dead. Then it went back to fun again. 

Oh, and my friend taught me how to hulahoop, at the grand old age of 28. Woop!

.... Stew in a storm
When the weather subsequently decided not to play ball, we chose not to either. Instead, we de-camped to a local pub to devour big bowls of steaming Polish stew and dumplings, curled up on Chesterfield sofas (us, not the dumplings. That would be weird). Thunderstorms don't get better than that.

... Ridiculous makeovers
I inherited a plastic bin from the previous inhabitant of my room, which was rather handy as I didn't own one at the time (ice-cream maker: yes. Bin: no. Priorities, people). After realising it was pretty much the only non-DIY-d thing on display, I decided that need to be rectified STAT...

The "before" bin. Snore.

One trip to Homesense later, and my bin was looking 18 kinds of fabulous. Ta da!

It's so ridiculous, throwing rubbish away has become instantly hilarious.

... It's pronounced "freet-za"
AKA, FREE PIZZA. Yes, that's right. FREE. PIZZA. A friend of mine somehow managed to get his jammy hands (not literally- I don't think he even likes jam that much) on 8 tickets to the opening party for Franco Manca's new Brighton restaurant. When he asked me if I wanted to go to a sourdough pizza restaurant for dinner where everything would be LITERALLY FREE, I nearly offered him my first born child. Ok, ok, I also offered to carry his. FREE. PIZZA. 

And I thought my life had peaked at freeza.... There are no words. Thank you, thank you, Globalls (snigger) for bringing your magical presence into my life.

... Double mate dates at an ice-cream parlour
Like teenagers from the 1950's. Giggling and straw-sharing mandatory. 

So tell me - what have I missed? 

Katie xxx

*Oh, and a P.S. assuring them my phone hadn't been stolen, seeing as I was apparently texting them about sport... EURGH.


  1. Hellooooo!!! This sounds most jolly! Yes please to free pizza, crisps and rounders! I love Rounders!!! Globalls sounds ammmmmmmmmazing!!! Get me there stat!!!
    Did you get my last letter avec birthday present? I worried you hadn't....x

    1. I did I did! I'm in the process of writing back to you RIGHT THIS MINUTE I swear! I'm so sorry I've been so tardy; would a trip to Globalls make up for it? xxx

    2. Yessssss. And yes, we will defo have to meet up at some point soon, e.g. August.Globalls sounds good! I'm also in Brighton the first Saturday of September after a wedding!x

    3. ooh! I'm completely free the first Saturday in September!!EEEP! Globalls ahoy :) xxx

  2. We've just acquired one of those crazy golf places in a town close by. I think ours is glow in the dark Octopus themed! Mad. We're having my daughters birthday party there. Glad to hear all is well and you're enjoying life. xxx

  3. Love your new bin, so amazing! Also, dinosaur themed mini golf sounds amazing - as well as free pizza! So many good things here that put a smile on my face as I was scrolling through, and i have to agree, no matter my age, impromptu games with friends is always a good idea and rounders never gets old. - Tasha