26 March 2016

For my homies

I've been feeling extra warm and fuzzy of late, like my insides are wearing a fleecy onesie; a sensation caused by being infinitely grateful for my very own set of special snowflakes who...

1. Cook me dinner
If it wasn't for them, I'd probably forget what a kitchen even looks like. Their grub is better than any restaurant's; not just because it tastes of love (the most important ingredient of all, obvs) but due to the fantastic company I get to share it with. Putting the world to rights over homemade pesto is my idea of bliss. We don't do a bad brunch either: 

2. Make sure I don't miss YMCA
By smuggling me into the men's toilets because the women's queue is crazy long and we need to get back to the dancefloor STAT.

3. Provide the perfect hangover cure
Combining country walks (massive sunglasses a must)...

... Easter egg rolling and graveyard exploring...

...and a bunny biscuit from the local farmhouse, to be eaten while sitting on the Long Man of Wilmington's face....

Which still makes you snort-laugh, despite being the age of almost eight and twenty. 

4. Got me one step closer to completing my Bucket List
Which has only contained one item since I was 13: Go on The Crystal Maze. I have yet to buy tickets for the London one, but Handmade Mysteries' Exit Game was a fantastic replacement! I can think of much worse ways to spend a Wednesday night than with 5 of my favourite people, using torches, blacklights and our smarts to solving a series of clues to get a bottle of magic wine out of a wardrobe... 

5. Share those life-changing moments
Like the time you find The One(!!) in the chiller cabinet at the Co-op (who knew?!) and end up laughing so hysterically your face turns inside out and you literally cannot stop crying. 

6. Nurture my (not so) inner nerd
By inviting me to three-day-long role-playing festivals, breaking out card games in the pub, and hosting house parties with entertainment provided by their very own apps(!). Humdingers has improved my Friday nights for ever more. I truly adore my gang of charades-playing, dice-rolling, logic-puzzling people; even if they mercilessly force me to act out phrases like "Julia Roberts eating a hot dog". 

Katie xxx


  1. Awww, I love this post! So many happy moments and it reminds me of free weekends spent with my uni mates, especially mini shopping trips and adventuring! Love the shots out in the countryside and the shot of the headstone. - Tasha

    1. Thanks Tasha :) Glad to have inspired some fond nostalgic memories! Hope you've had a wonderful Easter xx

  2. Oh you soppy old sausage.
    Delighted for you and your posse though, everyone needs friends selfless enough to get you back to the dance floor, stat.
    Tip of the hat to your warm and fuzzies
    M x

    1. I think it was a combination of selflessness and WKD Blue (never, EVER again. EVER) xx

  3. Oooh, that is really lovely! They are a great jump of chaps! Hurrah for their kindness and encouragement and pesto!!!x

    1. Indeed; the perfect combination! I'm still daydreaming about that pesto :p xx

  4. Sounds like you are very blessed indeed. Did you know that the act of gratitude is vital for happiness and mental wellbeing? Well, you do now.
    Some lovely pictures of happy times. Happy Easter. x

    1. I didn't; but no wonder I'm feeling so zen and stuff :) Hope you had a great one too! xx